Change user names on website

Last Update: December 19, 2020

Hi folks. I have a problem. I added an user to my websites according instructions, but it hasn't changed on my website. As you can see on attachements. How to change EDIT into my name? TIA

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BrightSales Premium
You might want to do that in your dash board on your website friend. Under the "User" tab to the left, click on it and have it your way friend. If you're just doing an edit, just hover your mouse over the name and you'll have the options to do that. Make sure you save and refresh it to see the results. Also, you might want to clear cache by going to Site Manager then click on site Plus+ and clear cache there. All the best!
LMH1968 Premium Plus
This helped me. Thank you very much for sharing
TheAbie Premium Plus
Hi, perhaps clearing browsers cache does the job.
LiveTesol Premium
No, it is still edit on my site. Now that I cleared the cache, I can't locate SITEcontent anymore. If I click on the icon next to WA in the left corner it turns into an X. What to do? I had this problem before, I changed the browser, I use now google chrome.