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Last Update: September 05, 2012
I am working full time for this week and next week and then the job will probably become a part time job. I think, as I suspected, it's a good influence on me - keeps me near the computer and will give me time to write articles concurrently. It is totally understood that I'll work on my own sites as well, so it's really a good situation. Yesterday I wrote an article and worked on my gardening website a bit.

Here's something I need help with: I would like to put a box across the top of my home page above the text that I can change daily - to make something active and different happen on the home page each day or few days. But the directions I've found online are too complicated for me. Does anyone know of a widget or an easy way to add a box where the text can be changed at will and easily? Would appreciate any advice!! Thanks.
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Shawn Martin Premium
Side bar would work with relative ease
lisawells Premium
I never thought of using the side bar, but that is a great idea - I could use my text box widget and change it easily. Thanks Shawn and Helpful Dude!
I don't know about across the top of the theme. If your theme doesn't support it already, it will take a lot of rewriting code to get it done.

The only option I can think of that is universal is to put a widget at the top of your sites sidebar and have that linking to the relevant page.

What theme are you using?