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Last Update: October 03, 2012
My title reminds me of a movie by that name which always makes me chuckle when I think of it - check it out on Netflix or wherever....

I have been absent a little while because of a part-time job I tried out. Unfortunately, it is a small business that is not doing so well and the job fell through - the owner just can't afford an employee. I totally understand and, in a way, I was relieved about it and having to have a scheduled life again. It is nice to be back to my old life where I can decide day by day more or less what I want to do. I mean, retired is supposed to have some perks, right? even if I didn't choose to be retired at this time.

I have continued to do small things on my website and develop ideas for a new website or an addition to my website - I haven't decided yet which it will be. I wrote a few articles during the time I was working, but not as many as I could have. I have been getting Google alerts on my keywords and have come up with lots of ideas from those on articles to write and new paths to follow.

I also follow my fellow WA members and get lots of ideas and encouragement from everyone's progress, blogs, articles and comments. Also some of the trainings WA members are putting out are so great and so to-the-point. I appreciate you all so much!

Well, today I am starting to paint a room in my house that will probably take a couple of days to finish - and then back to the drawing board so-to-speak trying to find a way to profit from my site - I enjoy doing my site and all that is connected with it, but so far just haven't seen a monetary return and just know I haven't found the formula yet for having both enjoyment and profit.
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Perhaps not, but you certainly sound like you have the right attitude and a good game plan. You could get Kyle to help. Every time I get on here I see him taking on something else. I'm pretty sure Kyle's a robot, or at least a cyborg. LOL.