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Hi, I'm Chris and I am so happy to have stumbled upon WA. I have tried several online businesses in the past, but lost





Can I sign up again under a referral?

Can I sign up again under a referral?

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I have found a WA member who is willing to help me when I sign up again for WA, but I must sign up under his link. How can I do that? I would very much like to return to WA b

He can send you his website and you can join there.

I want to completely resign up. But it goes straight in every time. How do I resign under a different email??

Hi Scott - Are you trying to log out of the WA account or do you want to discontinue your membership?

Go into profile and account settings.

hi Scott ... uhm ... we're trying to understand what you need exactly?

It looks like you're on a free starter and if you want to leave, you can simply log out as you haven't paid anything to get an account going ...

hope you find what you're seeking ...

You were a member before, so you cannot change 'referrer"

I feel like that's kind of wrong.

You have thousands of members here within WA that can help you. Just ask whenever you need to.

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