I can't sleep

Last Update: April 22, 2020

It just about 2 in the morning, I was having weird dreams, and it woke me up, now I have lost my sleep. I guess with all that is happening, the mind does crazy things. Our world has gone upside down.

Our friend Lapara wrote about 5G a wail back, but I haven't heard much on the subject since here at WA. We have been following it very closely, and there has been talked about how 5G correlates with this virus. I hear a lot of our fellow members talk about the Coronavirus, but nobody has made mention of the correlation between the two.

The most recent news I got on the subject is that where 5G is most present in the countrys that have a hight death rate. Not that 5G has spread the virus that is very real and all the precautions that we need to take. But have we stopped to consider that very high wavelength of radiation are the reason that it has had this effect on humanity.and that because of that, it plays a very important role in the mortality rate. Especially with those that are at high risk. Because their immune system is already compromised

This crazy rush that all these countries are doing to have the best technology with the play for power.The powerplay for the best and that we are placing ourselves at very high risks. I am sure that most of you have heard the danger that we are in because of 5G and the effects it has on our health. Have you stopped to consider how this affects our health in a situation that we find ourselves in at this time?

I am not a statistics person, and I don't think that most of us are. It is said that there is a power play for world domination and that these people know about the high-risk factor and this is a power play to slash our economy and reduce the population to make way for the new world.

Should we be worried about the vaccines that they will be putting in place to control our comings and goings? Should we be worried about the contamination in our air, water, and food? About GMOs and Big pharma gurus, or are they all the same people. Should we be worried about the loss of our wildlife and climate change? About how fast our world is changing.

There is not just one thing that we should be worried about, but to take into consideration all these changes. Everything is spiraling out of control. This is a time of contemplation an awaking call to all of us. Do we have to power to reverse this?

There are good people that are working around the clock to stop this ludicrously but it takes more people to back them up, we have the power to do this. My way of thinking is that there is always a better way. Is there a higher power? For me there is and in the end, it will be manifested. I don't know how I don't know when, but I have my faith that it will.

I think it's time to try to get some more sleep but I would like your thought on this matter so please leave a comment below. Is this a concern or am I just babaling?


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statius Premium
Good stuff that you wrote to them. I have been following this craziness for over thirty(30) years, and now it is really starting to play itself out on the world stage. All this stuff is the resistance of the so-called “upper crust” in defending their turf, which has been put in place and serving them well for many years now.

5G has certainly been weaponized to lower the immune system so that stuff like this world health situation can create more chaos. It is no different than other false flags we continue to see on a fairly regular basis to support one agenda or the other. Eisenhower had it right when back in 1960 when he mentioned the “military industrial complex” and then the tv stations immediately cut to commercial.

The evidence is all around us when we endeavor to look, and actually “see” what is there. Many years of indoctrination have worked wonders in cutting off critical thinking. The "Georgia Guidestones" clearly spell out the globalist agenda. And they have been around since 1980.

Things are “achangin” though, and it is just a matter of time for this illusion to be exposed. Great metaphor with those Matrix films with Keanu Reeves. It is best for change to be gradual or some folks may really freak out. I remember back in the ‘90s George HW Bush saying something like if the people knew how the financial structure really worked we’d all be hanged, or something to that effect.

Since the central bank system is a private network controlling the currencies of countries, they effectively control the world and their designated heads of state of whom they carefully select. They are not going to give this up easily, but they will eventually be exposed.

Well, I did not intend to go on like this, as I just wanted to acknowledge your share. Beyond the world illusion which we are experiencing is a spiritual undercurrent which is also coming into Being based on Peace and Unconditional Love. It is All Good and let’s do our best to enjoy the ride even when it gets a bit rocky.

All the Best.

Peace & Love within the Light,

LindaF Premium
Thank you, Joseph, this means a lot like you, I have been in this for a very long time. awareness needs to be created so as we are not lead like sheep to the slotter.

Whatever you do don't accept the Vaccinations that will be sent out. This is another way to bring us under there control.

yes, peace love and light is the only way to go.
there is always a better way
sending blessing your way Linda
statius Premium
Thanks Linda. I agree about vaccines. My uncle was a naturopathic doctor and I was around the medical field both allopathic and natural, and learned very early on about the propaganda related to vaccines and prescription drugs in general. At some point all the now existing non-evasive, natural remedies for this and that will be released to benefit the world as a whole. All the Best. Joseph
LindaF Premium
You are a person that is much like myself I also have a brother that is a Naturalpath and I learned from a very early age.

My path has always been in Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual each and every one of them I personally experienced and I believe that to have a balanced life we need to have all four in place.

It has been a very long hard road but a very fulfilling one. it is very seldom that we come across other like-minded people.
I found within WA many people from all walks of life that are on the same path and many of them have become very close friends.

In a lot of ways, WA has been the stepping stone that has released me and I have been able to overcome. Some times this road can become very lonely. I see so much injustice happening and my hands are tied to do anything about it.

But in the end, I found that there is always a better way we are all on this path we just have to find the better way.

Always A Better Way Linda
statius Premium
Thanks for sharing Linda. There are many challenges along the way but we are all progressing. It is important to find things on a daily basis to enjoy and for which to be grateful as we serve others to awaken. All the Best.
Nicky33 Premium
Hi Linda. I had seen a few articles on FB about conspiracy theorists connecting 5G and CoVid-19. They claim that 5G caused the disease. I don't believe that, but I have done some more reading about the places where there are the most recorded deaths, and the situation with 5G in those places. Interesting conclusions.

I first became concerned about 5G when I read Taetske's posts here, many months ago. Since then, I am totally against the widespread installation of 5G throughout the whole planet. Even without any connections with CoVid-19, 5G is an issue by itself and the long-term effects on the health and the environment haven't been studied adequately. Various countries and cities have banned it all together.

Thank you for sharing with us.
LindaF Premium
Hi, Nicky, Thanks for your support I really appreciate it. I am glad Taetske was able to create awareness, I don't claim that 5G is the culprit that has caused the Virus.but that 5G is the culprit that has caused the death of many. That is very clear where it came from.

I wasn't convinced that it can from bates though. Until last night I was on a video live call with DR Judy it was a real eye-opener. That in effect it does derive from bates but in that, itself can not be passed on to humans there needed to have another host for it to be passed on to humans, and that is the intervention by lab technology so the conclusion is it is man-made.

All I want to do is create awareness so that people are not in the dark about what is going on.

Please read what I wrote on Louise BT's comment.

Thanks again for your support Linda
Nicky33 Premium
Hi Linda, I have read all your responses in this thread and I agree with you. Yes, exactly, it's not that 5G has caused this virus. But there is a connection to the deaths and severe symptoms caused to the infected.

I also reached the conclusion that even if it's a natural strain of the coronavirus family, the leap to humans and the spread throughout the world was manipulated.

Have a great day!
LindaF Premium
Yes, I agree, all said and done Nicky I know that there is a higher power that in the end will be manifested. But there will be much suffering before that happens.

We learn from our own mistakes we will come back to that reality, some learn quicker and some learn slower but in the end, we learn.

I am just so glad that this has already started. and this goes to my saying there is Always a Better Way. Linda
lesabre Premium
Hi Linda, I feel the 5G does present dangerous health threats. Some countries like Australia have banned it.
The world’s largest 5G network was launched by the three largest Chinese network operators Oct 31, 2019, according to the state-run news agency Xinhua. China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom all activated their networks in less than five months after they were issued 5G licenses. Interesting, the first corona-virus case was in Wuhan China November 2019.
FOSTER CITY, Calif. — The coronavirus pandemic and its ongoing consequences have given us all plenty to think about and worry about. But there’s one thing you can permanently take off your concern list: 5G has no causal connection to COVID-19, contrary to several recent misguided online rumors.

My humble personal opinion: The 5G network does produce higher than normal radiation, which has been linked to Cancer. This is a huge step for any country that has the 5G network capability. Media is really owned by the government in many countries. The other concerns are the military capabilities of countries with a 5G network, they can fire a weapon via satellite faster than any other country.
I am totally against this new network.

Linda, we spend a lot of time in front of our computers, a cell phone stuck to our ears. This is dangerous. Having a Himalayan Salt lamp near your computer will reduce this radiation. I have four of them in my home.

I have covered many of these on my website including sleep problems. If you are interested in more detailed information I will certainly PM the URL's linked to your concerns.

No you are not just blabbing.

Best wishes and I hope you were able to get back to sleep.

Best wishes,
laparra1 Premium
We also have Himalayan salt lamps, one in each workroom.
At night I unplug everything. During the day I wear a gadget around my neck and when going to sleep I put it on my night table.

Stay safe and healthy,

LindaF Premium
Yes, Taetske we do don't we, I wrote a better explanation to Louise please read I don't need to explain these things to you because we already know them.
But you know me there is always a reason(O:
as always your friend Linda
LindaF Premium
Hi, Micheal, I agree to disagree with some things, I do appreciate your thoughts and appreciate adding very important information to this post.

I make more of a clear analogy of what happened last night with Louise BT please read.

Thanks for the information on the Himalayan Salt lamp I have three of them in place in my home.

After writing what I did this morning I went right back to bed and had a very soothing rest, but I had to be up early to go to work but at list I was rested.

I always say that when we write things out it like everything comes back into perspective.

Thanks again Micheal for your input. It is nice to know that others have a very similar viewpoint
statius Premium
interesting indeed
LindaF Premium
very much so Joseph. read what I wrote to Louise BT and to Debbi.
Thanks for stopping by Linda
Debbi26 Premium
Such a thought provoking post. You hit on things that enter my mind often. Taetske's posts are very interesting as well but sleep IS very important so I do hope you went back to bed and was able to get some good, quality zzzzs. If it makes you feel any better, I've had some really weird dreams since all this has been going on too. A friend sent me some information on this phenomenon but I couldn't read it without signing up to their newsletter and I wasn't prepared to do that.

Take care
LindaF Premium
Hi Debbi, I just wrote an explanation to Louise, please read. Thanks for your kind words.

This is something that has been haunting me for a very long time, and I have frequent talks with my creator. I see everybody talking about the virus, but we are missing a lot of the picture.

I see things in three dee all that is happening all that will come. Maybe not in my time because I am already over, 70 and I have lived with this knowledge for years, but last night was different.

I am a person that sleeps very well, and I live the word of wisdom on my health. My book is the same about health. Physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.

I don't want to upset the apple cart, we all want this to be over with and get back to work. We already know that our economy will be seriously affected and we know that it will be hard and we know that we need we also know that to get through this it wouldn't be easy. We want hope that everything will be fine in the end. I know that it will be but there is so much to come and it will be the hardest that this world will ever see.