I Thought That It Was Lost Forever

Last Update: August 19, 2020

I have written about having created a website back in 2008-2012 and being sorry I hadn't kept it up because so much work went into building it. I thought because I had stopped paying hosting on it that it was lost forever. One day I was thinking "I wonder if my old site might still be on the internet, so I typed in the URL and guess what popped up? It was not totally there, because I remember it had over 120 pages, but 86 were still there. A lot of the links don't work anymore, and Adsense has gone away, but the info is still there with pictures etc.

I thought I had lost all that hard work. By contacting the original hosting company, I was able to have it transferred over to Wealthy Affiliate where I just have to rebuild the site in word press.

Copy and paste and reword (if necessary) is easier than starting from scratch. I can't name it the same because my other site is still "out there" on the web so my name is taken (by me).

Now the question is: Do I have to reword it all or can I use the words I used before? Many of you have gone through this before, so I'd appreciate your experience and advice.



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sandi32 Premium Plus
Great news, Linda. I wish I could have found my old site. 10 years ago I had a site I started but never pursued and I was still new to hosting/domains so didn't realize how important it was to pay every year. Unfortunately, when I tried to get it back all I got was an offer to contact the owner of the website to see if I can buy it. I know that sites, where the hosting has lapsed, are sold in an auction and I think that's what happened with mine. I was really disappointed because I really like the domain name. I decided to start from scratch and add another word to the original domain name to create my own. It's not quite the same because the original domain name was really great but it'll do.
zydegeaux Premium
You probably need to update a lot of the older content to give it relevance in today's world. A lot has happened and a lot of changes since then
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Was the old site using your own domain name or a shared domain name (subdomain similar to SiteRubix)? Have the other host taken that website offline now that you have the content or is it still live and accessible? Was/Is that website indexed by Google and is it being returned within the search results?
Charisma6 Premium
you could rephrase it to save some time for new topics you might want to write on. The more blogpost you have on your website the better i think.
Dave07 Premium
Hi Linda
If the original hosting company was able to transfer the site then surely they can delete the original one to prevent any duplicate content issue?