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Last Update: Jun 24, 2012


I'm having some problems withe my website once again. I had two posts, 1 on elimination diets, and the other on digestion and digestive enzymes. I went in today to add a hop link, or at least to try doing one, and even though I could view the post before,now I can't. It still exists on the editor side and I did publish it, so I don't know what to do now. it's coming up as a 40? error, I'm not sure what that means. I'm also waiting for renew life to grant me the right to use their ad. I guess if they couldn't view it, they wouldn't let me use it. Confused, frustrated and more than a little baffled right now. Just about ready to pack the whole thing in. If anyone can give me some suggestions I would be grateful.

The site is ibsisapaininthegut.com

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Linda, I copied your site url and was successful in viewing all your pages. I did not see any ads on the home page or blog page. You may want to consider getting rid of the calendar at the bottom of your home page. It just takes up valuable space which can be used for other things. Good luck!

BIS went in and fixed my post. It wasn't showing when she went to look for it either. She trashed it, then recopied it. I's ad pictures if I knew how to do it. Should I add an ad banner to my digestion and digestive enzymes post?

Ok good to hear.

I see your "Elimination Diets" post when I visit your website. It's showing up under "recent posts" and is in the list of posts when clicking on your BLOG page. I see this:


both posts look fixed to me. I was able to see both. Also, I suggest you add a pic to your elimination diet post. :)

I don't even understand what you're talking about now. I'm a real newbie when it comes to the computer. I did go back and try again. I went in for a quick edit after copying the link( it was sent to my gmail). I clicked the link button nothing happened again. I tried just pasting after that but there was nothing to paste it to. Don't have the slightest idea on what to do now.

Ok, its 10 and I am getting ready to call it a night, if you can wait till tomorrow I will give you my phone number and walk you through it. Its really easy once I show you. Were all new at one point. When I said refresh the page you just hit the control button on your and the f5 button at the same time. Sometimes webpages can be buggy especially in internet explorer and the control f5 can clear things up.

I tried that, BIS told me that a box should open up when I press the link, nothing showed up. I tried pasting, that didn't work either. Very confused:(

that is quite strange, maybe refresh the page then try again. You can always add a link by using http://easyhyperlinks.com/ then take the html code for your link, click on html on your post at the top right side and paste in the html link you made on ezhyperlink.com where you want it to go and hit update.

If this is a wordpress site there is a possibility there might be a permalink issue. Did you change the url by any chance?

No I didn't change anything. Now I'm trying to hop link to it and can't figure out how to do that either. Do I copy the link, press what looks like a side ways 8 and paste? That's what I was told to do and nothing has happened. Really getting upset, there's no point in staying in WA if I can't link to what I'm promoting!

The sideways 8 is a what you would click on to add a link after you select the text you want to hyperlink. Make sense? So you highlight the text in your post that you wish to make "clickable" then click on on the sideways 8, which is where you enter your hoplink. After you paste in your link click add link. Then the text you selected should be clickable and go right to your affiliate offer.

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