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Last Update: June 03, 2012
Well I just had two Street articles accepted today, and more or less finished my first page in my website. A few questions, I've notices people have added their street articles to their profile pages, how do I do that? In my website I mentioned the affiliate I wanted to promote, how do I highlight it for people to click on to and how do I link to that particular affiliate. Am I getting ahead of myself, I'm only on day 8 training. I know it's slow going, but I'm doing the best I can.
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lisawells Premium
I think you're really moving along, Linda. I'm trying to catch up with you (just for fun) and get my page written today. I have products I'd like to promote planned, just have to get it done. I really like the teaching Kyle gave just below - it is pretty easy to get guidance that way and the learning process is invaluable, so that next time you know where to go for info, plus it's a confidence-buider, which we all need.......
Kyle Premium Plus
Great progress Linda.

I would not recommend adding your SA profile to your website, however you could update your Street Articles profile within SA to include links to your social networks and to include an About Me text. You can do that within Street Articles settings.

As for creating a link on your website, there are a ton of free tutorials out there (do a search in Google or Youtube). Aim to be resourceful when you get stuck with something that is a little bit technical as there is an endless amount of info at your fingertips.

Search this in Google:

how do i create a link in wordpress