Finally got through day 11 training

Last Update: June 19, 2012
Hi everyone, I finally made it through day 11 and am about to move on to day 12. I don't know why day 11 took so long, I think I just got very nervous about what I was doing and needed to step back a bit and collect my thoughts. My site is actually looking like a site, thanks to BIS and many others. I have 6 Street Articles published, not that too many people find them interesting, that's OK you need to have IBS for it to be relevant. I still haven't figured out how to hop link to my site but I have a wonderful mentor who is going to explain it in a way I will understand. I tried to get the info from Word Press training, but I might have been reading Latin, way to advanced for a newbie like me. I'm moving at a snails pace, but there is only so much time in a day or week that I can sit down and work on my site. I also have to do a fair amount of research, I live with IBS, but I want to get the facts straight before adding them to my site. If any one wants to view my site it is Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

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