Why is important to take seriously a comments platform within the Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: November 13, 2020

Hello friends,

I hope that this article will be seen by those who are meant to find a learning in it :)

I don't want to sound harsh, and I have been quiet for a while but I really have a need to share my experience / advise since I found that I am just wasting my time sometimes trying to reach people individually in the comments section or / and changing their comments to make them eligible for publishing so I don't harm their certified commenter status.

A comments platform within the Wealthy Affiliate is meant to HELP EVERYONE to network, gain traffic therefore Google trust, and a feedback about their work which will assist in further development.

I have been learning every day how much is important EQUALLY:

1. To be diligent when leaving comments on people's websites

2. To be CAREFUL when approving others' comments on my own website

3. To reply to people's comments

4. To try to stay connected (this one requires so much time and I am just starting to find ways of doing it)

Please be diligent and honest when leaving the comments

If someone here thinks that the single most important thing is to make income leaving comments, than do it right! Otherwise your comments will be dissapproved and you are losing your chance to get paid as a certified commenter

Comments like this are not helping anyone! I wasted time:

1. reading through,

2. dissapproving and

3. wasted time giving my feedback on something it could be a start of a conversation.

Twisting and turning the same meaning in 10 similar sentences is not the right way! Besides that:


This is just one example. Like this, people who are commenting are losing:

1. their certified commenter status

2. their time used for the comments which don't help anyone

3. a chance to be visited by the site's owner (NETWORKING!!!) because why would someone pay you back by visiting your website to help you network while you showed no interest for a legit networking?

I got dissapproved couple of times (nobody is perfect) but the reason was every time that the topic I got to review was ABSOLUTELY out of my knowledge, focus and willing to search for. I still took time to read through, try to understand gaming, guns, shots and leave my feedback, and was found not legit while doing that. And that's ok! I moved on. But I know I gave my best!

Here is an example:

I hope that at least one person besides me will benefit from the mentioned above.
Trust me it's important to be honest first with yourself and then you will be honest towards others.

I appologize if I ever made you wonder whether you should approve my comments or not, I have been learning. At least I always give my best!

Love to all.
And have a nice weekend :)


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Debbi26 Premium
I've seen a lot of similar posts. It's of great concern. Perhaps you've gotten through to at least a few. 🤔

JeffreyBrown Premium
Well said, Sunny! A lot of people have been issuing similar blog posts lately!

RosanaHart Premium Plus
Those general it's-so-great comments make me want to yell at the writer. Lucky that I can't online.
StephenThiam Premium
I support we have to be serious on the comment platform.