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Hello friends, I hope that this article will be seen by those who are meant to find a learning in it :) I don't want to sound harsh, and I have been quiet for a while but I really have a need to share my experience / advise since I found that I am just wasting my time sometimes trying to reach people individually in the comments section or / and changing their comments to make them eligible for publishing so I don't harm their certified commenter status.A comments platform within the Wealthy Af
November 04, 2020
FINALLY! Every day is a celebration but today Mr.Google started showing some love to me! Let's say a week ago I did my last check of all the pages and Bing and Yahoo were up and running my posts on the Page 1 like before, but Google.. hmm I thought, you know what?! I will make it! Google just needs time! AND I SILENTLY KEPT IMAGINING THIS: WHILE I WAS GRATEFUL FOR THIS:As a Jaaxy Lite user, I can't see further than the first page on search engines, so i am waiting to see the NUMBER 1 rankings.
November 02, 2020
Hi everyone, How do you like the new Wealthy Affiliate? I love the layout, the brightness and refreshment. What do you think? Sunny
It's been 5 years since I first signed up at Wealthy Affiliate. I remember I was scammed right before I found the WA. Scepticism was on my side while reading through the sign up page but deep inside I knew I was on the right path. It's been quite a journey even with the pauses I made couple of times. The ship life with no decent internet on board made me quit. Back in April I received "the call" during a meditation as an aswer to my question I asked. It was clear that it's time to be fully bac
Tonight my boyfriend designed a logo for my website. I SIMPLY LOVE IT! We created 2 options, black and white background. Which one you like more? Still working on the tagline. Not sure if I want it to stay this way. I have several options and need some assistance with this. Can you help me please? Which one sounds the best? 1. BEST ONLINE HOME BUSINESS Your Sweet Financial Freedom2. BEST ONLINE HOME BUSINESSFind Your Sweet Financial Freedom 3. BEST ONLINE HOME BUSINESSFind That Financial Freedo
Hello everyone, I am so excited to share that my new website - Best Online Home Business - born in May 2020, made the first referrals for one of the programs I reviewed. I was thrilled to found results in place for all the hard work I have been putting in my daily routine! So what I wanted to say is KEEP ON GOING, BELIEVE AND DREAM ON! Every single journey starts with a single step, but always keep in mind your goals. Or dreams. Dreams are bigger than goals!!! Cheers! Sunny
June 09, 2020
Tuesday, June 9, 2020. What a great start! What an amazing feeling is to be back here! It's just about that moment when you start and let the momentum take you further towards your goal. I started the WA bootcamp yesterday and worked until this morning 5 AM. That's something I will have to work on lol But until tonight I completed 7 lessons of the Phase One. 1. The website is up and running 2. The About Me page is created3. I also started a group and a page on the Facebook 4. Added my new job d