My keywords are there, but my article isn't!

Last Update: April 12, 2017

Just finished the training on "Low Hanging Fruit" and started writing my next article. I have to admit, this is the way I've been doing it anyway, ever since I found out what a keyword is! (First article written off a keyword that had 830 searches and QSR of 0.)

Anyway, my new post required some digging around, and I couldn't help but notice the titles of the articles on Google page 1 that came up in my searches looked suspiciously familiar! They were MY keyword ideas that I'd put through the search tool and saved! This makes me wonder if looking at page 1 on Google ought to influence what I'm using as my keywords. I don't know. The competition looks pretty fierce!

What I did, rather than feeling defeated, was LOOK at those sites, and see what they were...what they had, and more importantly what the DIDN'T have. It's helping me find my place among the many other sites that are out there, and come up with ideas to make my site unique, while still sticking with my training.

Stay the course!

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AGOgden Premium
Good job! Keep it up and Press On!
mickeyb123 Premium
This is exactly one of the best ways to get ideas about what you should write about!
ThomasPye Premium
I'm not there yet, but you have a good attitude about moving forward. Good Job!
accad Premium
I do have articles that don't appear on Google. But I suspect some of my editings lacks in the permalink.
If I have edited the title of my post I should not forget to edit also the permalink.

One best thing to check this is to have it commented by WA community if the URL appears for commenting then surely it is in proper place.
LunaVC Premium
Sounds like you are on the right track. All the best going forward.