First Month with WA

Last Update: March 15, 2014

Hey guys!

The month Feb-March marks my first month with WA!

I had originally saved this post as a draft and would probably have written it in a different light had I not checked my mail this morning.

This month I have achieved so much iot's unbelievable.

I have:

  1. Went through the first training programme (free membership)
  2. Got paid so I could pay for my premium membership
  3. Continued my training and created my own website (
  4. Made incredible friends and gained more comfortable using Affiliate programmes like Clickbank and Amazon Associates
  5. Seen an incredible increase in WA ratings (though I could do better)
  6. Saw my post rank on the first page of Google. See my post here!
  7. Allowed God to teach me patience and tenacity which resulted in me earning my first $1.00 on Amazon and $4.00 on a freelancing site.
  8. Improved my writing skills significantly.
  9. Have become more determined to gain even more success in Month 2.

Thank you Kyle and Carson, and thank you WA Community. You guys truly deserve God's richest blessing and at the very least, a standing ovation.



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oneponytail Premium
Your site looks great. I would think a month ago you would not have believed this possible.
letsreel90 Premium
Absolutely not! I was the kind of person that believed I couldn't pull it off but God has been good :) :)
Sass82 Premium
omg I love your site! It looks so clean and professional, really impressive, go you! :)
letsreel90 Premium
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it and I hope to make it even more reader friendly and build up more content.
gracesystem Premium
Congratulations I am happy for you.
letsreel90 Premium
Thank you so much!
Wayne Wallace Premium
Congrats! I'm applauding with you!
letsreel90 Premium
Thanks so much Wayne :)
divadejunk Premium Plus
What a great month! Congratulations! Wishing you continued success!
letsreel90 Premium
Thank you so much, I also wish you success going forward!