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June 27, 2014
Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've sent out a post but I'm still here and still a strong supporter of WA. Based on the question I posed last time, I've decided to become an affiliate for WA. Now that I'm on this path, it's as if I've been flooded with new purpose. I've revisited past training videos, looked at success stories from community members, and staying the course. It can be overwhelming at times, especially with my current job and other responsibilities, but everyone of us has
Can you believe that we're now in April? The end of this month will mark my second month with WA, and I must say, I've never promoted a site more in my life, even more than my own! I found myself doing this because there are so many people, especially in my country, who are just looking for a way to build a life for themselves and their family, and I truly believe that with the skills taught here at WA, they can do so (both online and off). So what have I been up to? After many weeks of overwhe
March 15, 2014
Hey guys! The month Feb-March marks my first month with WA! I had originally saved this post as a draft and would probably have written it in a different light had I not checked my mail this morning. This month I have achieved so much iot's unbelievable. I have: Went through the first training programme (free membership) Got paid so I could pay for my premium membership Continued my training and created my own website ( Made incredible friends and gained more
I don't know if this is worth celebrating, as I'm not sure how many people search with quotations, but I ranked on the first page on Google! Even though I'm last on the page, I feel like I'm in first place. I'm proud of it! I'm a newbie and I'm just capitalizing on the information I'm learning from WA. Hopefully, one day I can rank on the first page in Google without the quotations. (Leave a comment, pretty please ;)
March 05, 2014
Hey guys and welcome to my page! I'm Stephanie and I am excited to be a part of the WA Community. Right now I'm in the middle of being in my first month with Wealthy Affiliate and it's been great. I've learnt a lot and I've never been productively BUSY in my life! For once I'm engaging in something that I know will work down the road. I'm determined to make my website work but right now, I guess I need a little traffic ^.^ I'm eager to see what the rest of t