Remembrance Day

Last Update: November 11, 2021

To all who have sacrificed their lives to give the freedoms I enjoy today and to the veterans and all those soldiers who work to keep peace around the world.

Thank you for your services. Be safe.

Best wishes,


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Suzay Premium Plus
Now may some of us be remembered like those before us for standing up for what is right, so that our younger folk, our beloved ones don't find themselves in the futility of wanting to remember something now cold and vague while standing engulfed within enemy lines
And there is that old saying that one should pull their own weeds, before eyeballing and condemning others for their weeds.

Hmm! May we also revere truth and seek to stand firmly on that immovable rock. It is not our kuliana, responsibility to fight wars for other countries, or just because there was a little "Blip" on a radar screen. Some of you may know what I'm referring to, an excuse for war so those who are dirty rich may profit more. I was only 14, and it was before the draft was changed to exclude brothers, or a brother and not send both.
Well, both came back "inboxes." It was devastating! I was devastated! And I was just a childhood friend and playmate! What of their mom that knew my mom because they both taught elementary school? What of their dad, a professor at Colorado School of Mines? These young men were the best and the brightest, most responsible, should have split for Canada, eh Michael? I still cry when I think about them and their family, and I was just a girl, only 14 years of age. And my life already hit a Turning Point.
I know your story, Michael. The treasures of this life are not safe on earth.
Just Zaying!
11-11 was also my mom's birthday

IamTracy Premium
Great words Michael. Respect for all.
CherryRed20 Premium
Well said, Michael.

Let us all remember those that fought and served for our freedom.

JoeRebisz Premium
And there's the saying known to many of us. "All gave some, but some gave all".
keishalina Premium
*** Blessings for Peace & Freedom .... 🙏 .... thank you! ***
JoeRebisz Premium
Thank you Keisha 👏