First year anniversary

Last Update: August 02, 2021

Hello my WA family, I am surprised at how fast the days and month goes's by.

I just now realized that I have been working at learning the courses at WA for one year,

as I battle the challenges of every day life and the responsibility that I haft to deal with, time just get away from me. I struggle to find time to work on my course.

Due to all the interruption I still have a positive attitude and I will always push forward to make my goals ,

the good news that I am excited about is when I check on my published articles in content, I was greatly surprised.

I have published 20 articles and 18 of them is indexed by google.

I am trying to figure out what I need to change to get the other two indexed by google.

With a report that good I don't feel like the last year was not productive, I am pleased with my progress at WA.

As I continue my journey to success, I really appreciate all the good people that has communicated with me and are following me, I enjoy reading their post and watching their progress.

Until next time

wishing all a blessed day and a good night
your friend,


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etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Leroy,

Kudos on your one year mark with Wealthy Affiliate!

As you mentioned, you may not have been that productive. But think of all the accomplishments you made in the last year.

It shows you did something productive and meaningful. Keep that in mind as you head into another year.

Thanks for sharing- all the best moving forward.

LEROYF1 Premium
thanks, I appreciate the good reply
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Well done Leroy. If you don't give up you will succeed
LEROYF1 Premium
thanks, your right, you can't win by giving in, moving forward to success
DragomirVC1 Premium
It's an exhortation for me!
LEROYF1 Premium
thanks, appreciate the reply
ExpatMark Premium
Good job Leroy. Hard work eventually pays off in this business.
LEROYF1 Premium
very true, that is all I know through life, this is easier to me, thanks for the creply
Praxides Premium
Well done Leroy, keep the fire burning and keep moving forward and you'll reap the fruits of your labor very soon. All the best
LEROYF1 Premium
thanks , appreciate the kind words.