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Hello to my WA family, as we go through the process of learning all about building websites and affiliate marketing and how to be successful, It takes a lot of time though to get things right. I am very thankful that we have a support group from the staff and all of our fellow members. our time is very limited spend working on the program, but we just do what we can . as time goes on things will get better, we are very grateful for all help we have received. we are wishing everyone the best on
September 02, 2021
As we struggle to learn and study hard to accomplish our goals to make a better life, some days are long and hard to endure but with determination, you keep pushing forward to make it through it. As you go through these times, there is always the question you keep asking yourself, " am I fighting a losing battle?" I kept on working on the post I was writing and I spent a lot of time reading it over and changing the wording, hoping I had it good enough to deliver a positive messageWhen I got to
August 02, 2021
Hello my WA family, I am surprised at how fast the days and month goes's by. I just now realized that I have been working at learning the courses at WA for one year, as I battle the challenges of every day life and the responsibility that I haft to deal with, time just get away from me. I struggle to find time to work on my course. Due to all the interruption I still have a positive attitude and I will always push forward to make my goals , the good news that I am excited about is when I check
July 04, 2021
Hello my WA family, It has been a few days since I have had a conversation about my progress on my training here at WA. Being retired I always thought that I would all the time in the world to do what ever I wanted to do. wrong!!! Joining WA and learning all the training that they offer, I thought I would have a lot of spare time to apply to building websites and get involved in affiliate marketing. As I started out to take the course and put in some time to plan my website was a dream come tr
The last eight days has been a nightmare, we had a couple of rainy days and when it pasted I still had water in my flower bed. I thought that's unusual, I gave it overnight to see if it would clear up but it did not and then I received my water bill from the city, when I opened it I knew I had a problem. It had jumped up $50.00 dollars which let me know that I had a bad leak.I headed to the place to open the cover so I could see under the house, and there it was, I had a good 2 feet of water u
May 20, 2021
Hello WA family. This has been a wild week. First of all it has rained for the last couple of weeks off and on. then my ac in my expedition when out. With summer coming on and the temperature get close to 100 degrees it make it a little rough to go anywhere without sweating your head off. To fix the problem I had to hunt a rent car for three or four days, I requested a midsize car because I am six feet tall and a full brace on my right leg, so it make it hard for me to get into a small space.
May 14, 2021
We put in long years in working in the public at different professions to make a living for our families and then it comes time to retire and take it easy. That is a beautiful dream but if you have been active and got plenty of exercise on your job like I did you can't just stop and be relaxed. The first few months when I slowed down my health started to change and it was all due to the lack of exercise.that is when I changed my plan.With a bit of therapy things started to change for the bette
April 27, 2021
Hello my friends at WA, that are receiving the notifications of my writings.My thoughts wonder some times, what limits success for some people?when I get to thinking about it, I fell like they put a limitation on their self. My question is?do they limit their self by setting low goals?do they tell their self, I can't do that?do they have a smaller portion of positive attitude?do they let negative thoughts control most of their decision-making?all these question has a lot to do with where're o
April 18, 2021
Hello my friends at WA. when it rains it pours. The last time I was logged in to WA I was working on a project and all of a sudden the windows automatic up date kicked in and started doing its thing. I realize what was happening, I could not log out to let it finish the process., When it was done I tried to log back in to WA. I could not login.Being a member of geek squad I call in some help to check out all my system. After a couple of day of checking everything and all check out good, I was r
Hello my WA friends,Spring is here and it is time for cleaning up after the winter storms. there are tree limbs that have fallen out of tree's from the ice storms and dead grass and leaves that need to cleaned up. First I haft to check all of my equipment and do what ever repairs are need. A lot of the times, tires with deflate a little and maybe have a slow leak that needs to be repair before you can start mowing.Giving some equipment a tune up takes a day or two to get things ready to go. I l