What is your Vision?

Last Update: November 03, 2016

Wealthy affiliate is a long term community and a continous learning process. As I go along and follow through the trainings here, the more i am having a clearer vision of what it is to be in the online industry. I am amazed because there are results coming in. The real key is CONSISTENCY!

What is your Vision?

I know all of you have your own vision. That's the reason why you are building your own website. It may start with curiousity when you landed to the Wealthy Affiliate. Test it, took some time to learn how to build a website. And now you are here. Do you want to go on and make this more seriously? I believe you do.

Now you are creating your own vision. What do you see? What else can you do? I trust that all of us will have a more meaningful visions helping other people succeed. Our learning process and the community support gives us a better shape to make Wealthy Affiliate an online institution for those who are hungry for learning the online educational program.

What is a Visionary?

Visionary is a person with unusual powers of foresight. He looks beyond the horizon. Ordinary people look to what they see and act upon their present situation. But Visionaries see beyond, they plan ahead and act on it. To improve what is the present situation then make things happen.

Visionaries are Thinkers. They think ahead. Evaluate and come up with a solution.

My experience with Wealthy Affiliate made me think even more. At first, my concern is to familiarize with keyword research, then learning the tools in web development. Now, creating more relevant content and spending much time to think about what to do next. Writing contents makes more natural but with more meaningful and encouraging content. There will always be people who will read and benefit from your unique content and ideas.

Visionaries Plan Ahead. They put their vision into a more realistic plan of action. They plan What is possible and eliminate what is not. Planning will keep them on track. Able to see the stages of developments to where they want to go.

Visionaries are problem solvers. As Think and plan ahead, they see potential problems and provide solutions. They are not stuck to a certain problem but seek better remedies to put their target on schedule.

Visionaries are builders. Though builders may posses different characteristic, visionaries are trend setters or trail blazers. Paving the way to other people who may follow.

All of us here have experienced that in developing our websites. Without the vision of The owners of Wealthy Affiliate ( Kyle and Carson ), we may still be at a loss. Thanks to their vision. We have benefitted from it. I cannot imagine how far can Wealthy Affiliate go in the next 10 years if all of us have the same vision applying this to our own websites.

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drjec Premium
I have a vision for various areas of life. My vision for the next 4 years is for my wife to join me in retirement so that both of us can travel visiting our children and grandchildren without financial concerns.
Leonardo2 Premium
Wow that's a great vision to look up to. At my age, that's what concern me too...the point of having no financial burden while you do the things you want to do.
Plan ahead and I believe all will go well with it. Enjoy and thank you for your comment too.
I followed you too