The best way to predict your future is to create it!

Last Update: November 14, 2016

Creating your future is planning ahead. You must have a clear view of what you want to achieve. That way, it is more easy to predict your future.

Planning is the key to create your future. Without a plan, it would be very difficult to set up the things you wanted to create. That's why when you fail to plan, most likely that you are planning to fail.

Team Building Experience

I remember, few months back, when I joind a team building training, we were given the task to create the tallest structure out of popsicle sticks and a chewing gum. The First thing that came to mind is to make the highest possible structure by just sticking all in single pole upwards. Thinking about creating the highest among other teams and outsmart them, it never came to my mind that its is not that all easy. We did that as much as we can. But when we tried to make it stand, we realized that there should be a base. Under time pressure, we just do whatever we think on our own. The structure went out unstable.

Given the time frame, i could have spent the first 5 minutes planning with the team. Then divide the task and delegating what needs to be done. That's what planning can do. To organize what you want to do and set a specific workflow based on the plan. Therefore, planning ahead is predicting and controling your future, thus creating your own success.


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chunyen Premium
Well-said. I'm convinced that planning is an important step to get your dream. However, do you think over-plan something is good?Sometimes, I feel like a rough plan is better than planning into details. which one do you prefer?
Leonardo2 Premium
Yes i agree! Plan are your guide, it is meant to have changes along the way.
I prefer a well defined plan but not over-planned.
Over-planning may also lead you to miss out what you need to do importantly - the implementation (action). Combining these two will help become realistic with your approach on a specific time bound, so that you can assess and improve.
Hope this helps you.

Lucianje Premium
thanks for sharing
Leonardo2 Premium
JoyNelson Premium
What an awesome experience! Such a hands-on lesson. Wonderful, thanks so much for sharing. I feel like I should get my kids to try this lol. Good luck with planning, goal setting and then achieving your goals! - Joy
Leonardo2 Premium
Thanks a lot Joy!
There a a lot of hit and miss experiences i have because of lack of specific planning ang goal setting. Learning my lessons the hard way, lol.
I believe, Kids would really love doing that exercise too! lol!

Have a great day!