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Hello, dear WAers,this is just a quick post about a lovely holiday we had last month in Spain. As some of you know, I love Spain and have been going there every year on holiday since 2015. In 2020 I met a wonderful lady, Taetske, on this platform because she is a dog and cat lover just like me and we exchanged some e-mails.We went to Spain in September and were invited to spend some time at Taetske's beautiful and huge house with a lovely garden. We enjoyed spending a day with Taetske and Micha
I wrote a review for my MMO website a month ago about a company called Money Marketeers (or Marketeers Money, it's not really clear, but you have to read the article to know what I mean). This company offers dropshipping turn-key websites and doesn't seem to provide honest services. So I wrote a truthful review based on my opinion.It happened to land on page 1 in Google for the search phrase or keyword "Money Marketeers Reviews". That's exciting and I'm happy about it. But today I received an e
Hey dear WAers, how are you doing today? Are you writing for your websites, researching or analysing the data? Or doing keyword research?Do you know that Christmas will be here in just two months? Are you prepared with your website, in your niche? Even in this crazy time, in lockdown, people will still buy Christmas presents, and there will be probably more online sales than without the pandemic. Have you thought of how to use this to your favor?I've always had problems with Christmas gift idea
Hey dear WA friends,just want to share another exciting milestone with you. I've persuaded my boyfriend to show up in my last video. The picture you see above is the YouTube thumbnail.As many of you know, I started making videos in the beginning of this year complementary to my health and beauty website (that is extremely hard to rank) and my first videos were just me sitting there talking. Boring :)Then I thought it would be better to turn my articles to videos and started with that. My boyfri
Hello, dear WAers, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend. I'd like to share my new experience with you. Some of you know I have a YouTube channel in the same niche as my website and recently I've started making videos again (after a break). Having no experience with video editing, I would only be able to make videos with my phone and upload them to YouTube (that's what I did on my old Czech channel).I got to the conclusion that videos where I'm just sitting and talking are boring, but at
Hello WA friends,we returned from our holiday yesterday and when I signed in to WA to see what's new, a one year dedication badge popped out. So I thought it was time to write a summary of my first WA year journey.Learning with WAWhen I joined WA, I already had a website, being a freelancer. But I had not a big knowledge of SEO and zero knowledge of affiliate marketing. After becoming a premium member I created a MMO website and beginning of this year also a site about health and beauty. Actual
This is just a quick (at least I hope so) update for you, my friends, on what I've been doing lately and on my overall online journey. But it's also about the importance of GOOD keywords.And about my third website. As many of you know, on 1.1.2020 I started my third website and I had big plans with it. My goal was to have about 100 articles till the end of 2020 so I was posting 2 to 3 times a week and managed to do so for 3 months. End of March I had 36 articles on that site.Then I couldn't go
I've just managed to increase my website speed from the loading time of over 14 seconds to 8 seconds so I decided to share it with you. Now and then I check the speed of my websites on GTMetrix. I can't remember when and where I've heard about this site but it's possible that someone on WA wrote a list of some tools and it was there.It is free and it doesn't seem like something that tries to make you buy their services, at least to me it doesn't. Before I found out about this site, I used Neil
Hello dear friends, I want to share with you my excitement about having a new website indexed very quickly. Last week I bought a new domain, the day after I put up a theme and set up the SEO as we know it from the training and in just over 30 hours the site was indexed.So people can find my artwork in Google from now on :) There are only a few drawings and pictures on the site, it takes time to put it all there but I will keep working on it.The entire proces of setting up a website is quicker w
Has that ever happened to you, a finished post just to be published and you delete it in a second? Arrgh, so nasty. So I'm doing this second time now.Some of you were interested in my paintings so I'm gonna share a few more drawings and three paintings here.Salma Hayek, actress:Cesar Milan with his dog:Jason Momoa, American actor:And now the paintings. This is a painting of Keenu Reeves with dry brush techniqueThis is my oldest abstract painting, about 12 years old. It's not the best photograph