You Must Be Willing to Risk Failure to Attain Success

Last Update: Oct 3, 2022

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Fear is what is stopping progress for most people.

Its completely understandable to - and its human nature to be afraid of failure and afraid of rejection.

You can add to that disapproval and criticism. These also impede progress. Many times the source of such negative feedback is from those closest to us. It may be your spouse or significant other.

It may be other family members or close friends.

They don't believe in what you are doing and because they can't see it as possible for them - or simply don't like it for what ever reason, they feel like it is also not possible for you either. Or that you should not be even trying to do it because they are not interested in trying to do it - whatever it is.

Its even more difficult to try when you know that you are going to be trashed by everyone around you if you do fail at your attempt. They are all just waiting and watching and chomping at the bit to say " I told you so! You should have listened to ME!" followed by laughter and ridicule.

Yet here is the thing...

If you let them crush your spirit and your desire to even try - then you will never know what might have been. This is what happens to many.

It is not so much that they failed to achieve success after trying - but rather they failed to even try in the first place. They let fear and opinions of other people stop them from even making a serious effort to ATTEMPT to achieve success.

Every successful business first begins as a dream in the mind of its founder. The dream becomes goals, and goals become actions until the dream becomes reality.

Or the business never exists - except as a fleeting idea and a fading dream... because they altered their own course - and their Destiny because of fear.

I own and operate my own successful and growing company today - and am living my dream because I CHOSE to ignore everyone that told me I could not do exactly what I am doing.

Even today - I still get occasional comments and feedback from people who just don't get it (and they probably never will get it either! ). What do I do? I just smile, and keep on moving forward and doing what I do ; )

You have the same challenges to overcome and you have many of the same choices to make.

Whether or not you let them stop you is totally up to you...

Just stuff to consider as you ponder what to do next my friend!

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

Founder of Transport Resource Solutions LLC

Author, Instructor, Consultant and Entrepreneur

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Thank you for your post , it reminded me that t can be Fear of failure or success. In the last few years, people have been pummelled with messages of fear globally and as with human nature, the human character will strengthen or fall. The greatest message my mother taught my siblings and I was love, light and appreciation. My father taught us resiliance, respect and truth.

Great blog and excellent points! I think it’s a lack of understanding that causes people to ridicule those with dreams. That and their own fear of failure.

My other half didn’t understand what I was trying to achieve. I still think she struggles with it but she knows it makes me a happier person when I’m writing a blog or building a website and that is what it’s all about!

Thanks for sharing L.D

Thanks! That is a very common thing when the other half doesn't understand or support business efforts.

I had a student of mine successfully complete a training program that led to him owning his own trucking business. His other half convinced him to use his emergency reserve money to buy Christmas presents for extended family (to impress everyone).

Soon after that he had an emergency - needed the money (which was why he was taught to keep an emergency reserve fund at all times!) and didn't have it - so that put him back out of business and back into being an employee.

Sad but true.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

Always have an emergency fund!!

Fear is a problem. Many friends offer advice based on their own fears and they are projected onto us.

Courage is facing our fears. If we do not succeed the first time, then we must persevere. That is determination.

It does not matter what others think, only what we think and do to overcome our fears.


Well said Alex. It is always a personal choice - whether we realize that or not and whether or not we accept it.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

Banish fear! It does not help your cause if you are afraid to venture into the unknown. If a person does not try, then certainly no progress will be made.

Sometimes overcoming that fear leads to a place that's new to us, and very exciting. We'd have never found it if we let fear stop us.

Some good comments on here.

That's exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks. :)

Great! Glad, then, that I wrote it!

Well said - and I am glad you wrote it too ; )

Thanks, LD

Hi L.D.,
You are spot on with this post!

Unfortunately too many good people fall prey to the comments and the "misery loves company" mind-sets, and often times they never realize their dreams.

Over the years I've had to come to terms with fearing what would happen if I disappointed myself rather than disappointing the naysayers. That has helped tremendously.

Great message, thanks for sharing!

I don't want to live in fear and worry anymore...I'm ready for this.

Good for you @KeithAB! We all live in fear of disappointment and let’s not let that stop us!

Hey Keith - you are in the right place!
So plug in, buckle up, and enjoy this adventure!

...and you don't go alone, the community here is awesome and very helpful!

I see that it!

Good advice and very true.

Hey LD, good to hear from you again and I hope all is well with you...

I certainly have a naysayer or two in my family who try to put one down in a negative fashion at most/every opportunity they can...

I'm all for constructive criticism, but criticism just for the sake of criticism can very often bring us down...

It's very rare indeed that someone will be an overnight success in the business world without having at least a failure or two in their back pockets!

But I never look at things that haven't worked out as failures, just another part of the learning process on the road to success..

Do we have to take risks? Of course we do!

But we should never fear failure...

Always learn from what hasn't worked in the past, don't pay much attention to the negativity that others around us like to bombard us with( they know, no better afer all).

Have faith in what we are doing and keep on putting one foot in front of the other until we reach the goals we know we are capable of achieving!!

Have a fantastic week my friend! :-)


I agree too with your words my friend. Everything can be seen in multiple different ways. Personally, I choose to see the lessons in all things and use them to keep doing better over time.

When I look at others and their results - I seek out lessons learned there too. What did they do right that worked well - so that I may model it. learn from it and do better myself faster.

Likewise, I look at whatever went wrong - and try to understand why - so that I may also learn from that and avoid repeating the same mistakes that have already been made by others - and or by myself too.

Learn from all - do better consistently - and when we do so then my friend success is a simple matter of time...

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

You're most welcome LD and I have to totally agree with your views and techniques here as well my friend!

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