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Last Update: April 28, 2018

A few days ago, I made a connection with a unique individual on LinkedIn. His name is Michael Fritzius. It took me a while to get back to him and to reply to the first message but after his 2nd attempt at contacting me, I responded and This is an excerpt of the conversation yesterday and today. When you read this I ask a question.

Please note: I am really uncomfortable chumming it up with people. Unless they're her on WA. or at home... or Facebook. Can you please let me know if this conversation is appropriate?

"Hello Linda.

I hope to connect to network and to see how we can help one another grow each other's business."



I appreciate connecting with you! I like to add value right at the beginning. Here are a few ways:

First, let me know if I can introduce you to any of my connections. Also, let me know if you have a post or article you'd like me to share.

In addition, I have a LinkedIn group that you or others in your company may be interested in. It's an invite-only group about DevOps, with tips on automation and quality assurance, to get the software delivery pipeline efficient.

If you're interested in joining, the link is here:

So how are things going? What exciting stuff is happening there at work?


"Hi Michael,

Thanks for connecting with me. Love your motivation and enthusiasm.
To be introduced to some of your connections would be extremely nice. I appreciate the offer to share a link. I do have one link that I need comments and feedback on,,
I can reciprocate your actions, just let me know if you like.

I would love to join your group on LinkedIn, sounds interesting and like you may have some valuable information that I can access. Thanks for the invite!

Today was a pretty laid back day. Didn't put much work in at all, really glad it's Friday.

In any case, I wish you all the best and looking forward to a very productive connection.

Have a brilliant weekend!

- Linda"

"I hear you, today has indeed been a laid back day too. Took the laptop outside and got some work done, and it was a nice break from the norm.

Will take a look at your site, and if there are particular people you'd like an intro to (certain sectors or expertise) let me know and I'll see if I have some people in my network. Sound good?


"See you there.

About to join your group!


"Hey Linda!

There might be someone I know right now that's in a related area. Her name is Kin Riley, and her profile is here: She does a lot with marriage counseling and stuff. Would she be good?"

Awesome, come on in. I go through and approve multiple times per day but about to log off now.


"Yess, sounds EXCELLENT!!!


"Ok you are officially in the Arch DevOps Mindshare group. Welcome! If you would please, go ahead and:

- introduce yourself in a post,
- share a little bit about your background,
- what you'd like to get from the group.

It's partly so that I know what content you would be interested in and partly so I'm not the only one talking in there :)

There's also a survey pinned as the first post, which if you could answer, would help me get to know more about your business.

Again, welcome to the group and I look forward to sharing knowledge with you.


"Linda, this is Kim who I mentioned last night. She's in a similar space as you and so I wanted to introduce you two.

Linda, Kim, Kim Linda :)


"Good Morning Michael,

I was having a late morning getting to LinkedIn. :)

Hello Kim! A pleasure to meet you!

What's good on your end? For me, I created this monetized website , using the Wealthy Affiliate Network. (This is where I began... ).

I have been a Premium member for the past three months.
I've been learning lots of valuable online network marketing information pertaining building an online business beginning with niche selecting, blog writing, building foundations to host creative content in order to earn a living online.
You know, the entrepreneurs lifestyle. :)
So far, It's going great! The platform is an excellent learning source, and the members are absolutely amazing people from all walks of life. Professionals and newbies alike!

I selected Love, loss and acceptance as my marketing niche. I built my website around that framework. My issue is getting comments and feedback from "unique visitors" such as yourselves. It would help out a lot.

Plus, since I am Not s psychologist, and/or a doctor, that my content be evaluated or endorsed by a professional. So I would know for certain that my suggestions to my readers won't do more harm than good."


-----End Dialogue

Did I go too far, share too much or come off too aggressive for a first time meeting?

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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Linda.
LDawkins1 Premium
SachiKashi Premium
I understand your second guessing, I think women are more careful than guys about being too open. See where this takes you but go with your gut. Nuff said.
LDawkins1 Premium
Thank you. You have been VERY helpful because That is exactly what I was feeling. I will go with my gut.
MSnargrass Premium
Sounds good to me. I hope it works out for you. Thanks for sharing!
All the best,
LDawkins1 Premium
Hey Marcus. I feel like I'm NOTHING like my father. LOL. He talked with Everyone with no troubles at all.