How To Increase Consumer Purchasing Power!

Last Update: September 22, 2020

No one wants to be stuck in the cycle of endless acquisition of product with low sales. This can dramatically cut into profit margins and even bankrupt a business. So how can a person attract sales for a business? This process is called increasing consumer purchasing power.

Specifically, high consumer purchasing power means that consumers have high incomes and can afford to purchase the products at the rate that they are going for. Low consumer purchasing power means that the consumers don't have the money to purchase the products at the prices that they are sold for. So can a business do anything about consumer purchasing power?

Ways To Increase Consumer Purchasing Power

One of the best ways to increase consumer purchasing power is to ensure that you as a business are going after the right markets. Oftentimes, in business, people will check a person's credit score to determine if they are eligible to put high ticket items on credit. This process, though, lowers a person's credit.

And a consumer can be very angry when one finds out that an already low credit score was lowered further by salespeople. So instead, you have to do your own market research. This will require looking around to other businesses regarding what rates they are selling their products.

Chances are, you are not a monopoly on a certain good. This rarely happens in a capitalistic environment. Your price point should be similar to other prices of successful businesses in a given area. If you are marketing on the Internet, then you must look at e-commerce sites that are reputable.

Targeting Your Audience

Also, look at the demographic of people that are visiting the type of websites that you put your ads on. You can pay a little more to target a certain type of consumer market, and this might be an excellent consumer acquisition strategy.

The thing is, people have a desire for goods. This is sort of an innate byproduct of capitalism. It's also a part of living in a heavily commercialized, high pace society. People are working and don't have the time to do things slowly anymore.

Their time is essentially at a premium, and a device that will save them time and effort is simply worth looking into. Your job as a business is to place this product at a price that they will stop and say- yes, this is something I can afford.

If it is too out of their price range, they might be one of the few who will put it on credit. But more likely, they will shop around until they find that item on clearance or at a drastically reduced price in another location.

My Final Thoughts

Your goal is to prevent your stock from sitting in your inventory. By finding a sweet spot in the numbers game, you will move that inventory faster. But be careful that you don't just give it away, or you also won't make a profit. Increasing consumer purchasing power is enabling them essentially to afford your products while you still make the profit you need.

In the crisis that we are living in we have to move smart to continue build a business for ourselves and family. You don't have to accept the environment or status we are living in today, just understand the purchasing power of your audience, and you could still grow a successful business.

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You have given us material to think about. Good for you...hope you find lots of good consumers for your business.
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Following Kyle and the team lead, is what will get us there. Wish you the same for your business as well.
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Timely post David with some excellent advice. If we stay the same we end up treading water in times like this.
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Exactly, could not have said it better.
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Nice food for thought overall. Appreciate the link.
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I am happy it was a well-prepared meal.

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Hey Lazyblogger,
Nice read, very well laid out process for staying in business and helping the consumers. Times are challenging for us today with all that is happening, it's nice to read something positive and helpful.
Great Article!
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Indeed it is, but if you listen closely, there are lots of people that consistently growing their business and finding success. Just a few adjustments have to be made when looking for the right audience to buy your products.