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Wishing all the Mothers here at Wealthy Affiliate:HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!Please have a blessed One today and all the days that are ahead of You. You will always be special and never forgotten.I Appreciate You AllDavid.
Greetings My Starter Referrals! David here.. Your WA coach. I wanted to offer you a special Premium Plus yearly bonus for the WA Black Friday event this November 27th to 30thIf you purchase the WA Premium Plus yearly package, I will do a professional SEO / Website audit for your web project! This would normally cost you $250 to have this done. But for all my WA Premium Plus referrals, it is YOUR special bonus from me! This site audit will show youWhich keywords you are ranking forWhich keywords
No one wants to be stuck in the cycle of endless acquisition of product with low sales. This can dramatically cut into profit margins and even bankrupt a business. So how can a person attract sales for a business? This process is called increasing consumer purchasing power.Specifically, high consumer purchasing power means that consumers have high incomes and can afford to purchase the products at the rate that they are going for. Low consumer purchasing power means that the consumers don't hav
In this article, I want to look in detail on how to write a business email that converts. I think many of us miss out on what we could achieve because we do not spend enough time on this.We seem to quickly write an email so we can hurry and hit the send button. I understand the reasons for this too.We are busy in our business and many times have a to do list that includes "send out an email to my list"! Obviously the fastest way to do that is sit down, write out a quick email, and hit the send
Why do people help others? and why is that so an important factor here at Wealthy Affiliate? This is a fascinating question to me. When you get right down to it people are very good-natured and helpful.You wouldn't necessarily know it if you only pay attention to the mainstream media. All you get is one negative story after another all day long.In researching this article I came up with several reasons people help each other. I found the people doing the helping were receiving as much benefit a
When you are building a business, learning how to write a polite email is a skill you will have to develop. I hope you are doing email marketing as one way to create a profitable income for your business. You are always going to walk a fine line between providing useful information and selling.You really cannot make money online with email marketing if you do not sell at some point. The trick is to establish yourself as a helpful partner that is there for your list to access.This means you need
I have been asked a few times on how to write a successful post on your website. This i break down in 4 simple steps, which I focus on in every article I write for my website.Writing a blog post is not that different from writing any other piece, but the most important word to remember before starting or even heeding any tips on creating a successful post, no matter who they're from, is "relevance". If your blog post isn't anywhere near being relevant in its content, it's pretty worthless. So,
In my opinion, when looking at savings plan ideas you need to start with your why first and foremost. Ask yourself the question "why am I saving money"?This will help point you in the right direction because there are so many different ways you can go about saving your hard earned money. What is the point of working so hard to earn money if all you do is blow it?Before we look at how you can save I should mention the importance of writing down all of your expenses. Although this is not savings
You may be familiar with the saying the hardest part of a journey is the first step. You could certainly apply that to how to save money each month and enjoying the process.Although I also know people that view saving money kind of like going on a diet or quitting smoking. It’s not hard to save money, I’ve done it many times.The reality is it’s just as easy to tap into the money that you saved as it is to actually stick with your savings plan. In this article, we want to talk
At some point, I think almost everyone does get stuck. As such, it becomes hard to choose what is the right thing to do.In this article you will have an idea how to get mentally unstuck.People go further and lose faith in their decisions, sometimes to the point that getting stuck in a disappointment or resentment makes it hard to be able to recover.A plan that is not going as they hoped, gets them stuck. Being stuck in a destructive, recurring dynamic problem with members of the family, friends