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Last Update: December 15, 2019

I prefer not to put questions like this in a blog but I am at a loss on what to do or who to turn to.

First let me say that I know everyone is busy and I am sure there has been an oversight. I am not complaining and do not intend this post to be an outlet for others to complain.

On Dec 2 I contacted site support about a payment situation with one of my referrals. They kindly said they are going to have Carson take a look at this and he would get back with me.

On Dec 6 I had no response so I contacted site support again and was told the same thing.

On Dec 10 I sent a private message to Carson. No response.

It is now Dec 15 and still no help. My referral needs help and I don’t have the answer for her.

I have consulted with individual members of WA but still no answer

On Dec 3 she stopped her billing. On Dec 5th WA took $20 from her account. She said this is OK and can she pay the remainder when she has the money then resume her memberships?

She has the remaining money today. How does she pay the remainder without being charged a full month WA price?

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FKelso Premium
Good luck -- hope you get the problem solved.
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Laura,
I'd think the best route to take would be to have your referral send an email to Kyle explaining the situation. I've usually gotten an answer from Kyle any time I've had any issues with payments for myself and things worked out alright.

Anyways, I've never heard of a partial payment, unless the $20 is for the remainder of the month since I believe it's still prorated depending on the date you started/stopped...but then again, that would be something Kyle would know about for sure. She also could check her invoice in the subscription settings in her account and see if it shows what dates her account is paid up to...might get some idea there...

Just my thoughts on it, but I think it's awesome that you're doing your best to help your referral out...way to go! Hope things get sorted out soon!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
LauraFuller Premium
Sherry, some good suggestions.. my referral has emailed Kyle. We will wait for his response.

Thank you
RAFStuart Premium
Hi Laura,
So hope that you can get this sorted, it is hard to get referrals as it is.
timstime20 Premium
Glad you are digging in to help
Your getting great comments ... wish you the best in getting it resolved
ExpatMark Premium
Hi Laura. I think Site Support needs a little vacation. Top 10 blogs not updated in 2 weeks and little things like this keep popping up. They must be working on Kyle's thing for the 18th and maybe some other new things.

I hope you get it cleared up and good of you to go the extra mile for your referral. They are so hard to get, we have to take care of them.

LauraFuller Premium
Yes everyone at the top needs more help. Usually when we encounter this type of thing they are getting ready to implement something big. I hope that is the case now.

And yes we have to support and go to bat for our referrals.