Latrice's Journey and Struggle

Last Update: August 31, 2016

The Beginning and the End of My Struggle

I have been with WA for about a month now. My journey here has been a blessed one. I've learned so much and have met so many cool, friendly, thoughtful, and VERY helpful members!

When I first came across WA, I had just spent almost a year building my first website (! The initial building actually took me about 3 months. It was a lot to learn and do. My first reaction was, "I bit off more than I could chew", but I kept at it. After doing research, seeing what others were doing on their site (in my industry/niche), and comparing them to mine, I made modifications. Not once, twice but three times, I kept changing...hence almost a year.

All that work, time, and energy...I was not getting anywhere. I couldn't get it right. I wasn't getting any traffic, comments, sales. I wasn't building an email list and truly didn't have any "shares" to ANY of the social media platforms. I knew of SEO but didn't have nor could I grasp the full concept of it. I had the same issues with Marketing; Website structure; Content writing; Keyword name it, it ALL was difficult. The thing about it was, these were all the elements of producing a good website and being able to monetize from it. I was on the verge of giving up. I saw how successful MANY other website owners were; how they were making a killing. Their list of followers was huge; Their email list was in the 1000s; They had all types of programs, eBooks, memberships, etc etc etc...What the heck, dude! How were they doing it?

Then one day during my researching and another attempt of posting to the various social media platform, I came across an ad for Wealthy Affiliate. So I took a moment and checked it out. At first, I was like, "Ummm, this is too good to be true." But then I thought, "What the heck, it's not costing me a darn dime." I'm so glad I kept an open mind. It turned out Wealthy Affiliate was just what I needed and it saved the life!

As I mentioned earlier, I started about a month ago with Wealthy Affiliate and since then, I've had sooo so so many aha moments. What took me a week or two to do on my own ( task such as: coming up with content for a blog and writing it..title...body etc; setting up a page correctly with all the right, links, SEO/meta tags, etc etc etc), I was doing it in a matter of days here. What I have accomplished in a month with WA, took me just about that whole year with my other site.

Wealthy Affiliate provided me with step-by-step instruction to create and build my new website ( It gave me many options to go about reaching my goals. This was after they have you figure out what your goals are, write down (meaning share with the community) and then make a commitment to reach those goals.

Although I'm taking courses to learn the skills and tools to build a thriving and successful online business, I am actually applying those skills, tactics, and theory into my own website. I've been going about it so, that I didn't even realize it until later....Ahaaaa! The funny thing about it, the knee slapper, was that a lot of other members didn't realize it themselves. We were getting to a moment where we didn't know whether or not we were getting anywhere. The concerns everyone was sharing...then another Ahaaaa moment (I had to write a blog about it... The tasks that are given every step of the way reinforces what you just learned and encourages you to follow through, not just on your website but on others as well. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Genius! RIGHT?

There are a few more things that I love about WA. One of them is the amount of help you get. Whenever you're stuck, they emphasize regularly for you to ask for help, and man, when you do comes from every which-a-way! There's SO MANY places to go to get assistance: live chat; search bar, just type in question; the various discussion boards; your profile, ask questions there and the list just go on. No matter where you went, what resource you used to ask your question, you got several people responding AND it didn't matter the day nor time. I personally asked a question at 3 am and seconds later...I got not one answer but a few. And may I add, not just answers but directions and links. Now that's support and a community at it's best!

The other thing is the two different ways that's available to learn how to scale and monetize your website. One is to take your passion and turn it into a business and the other is through their Affiliate Program.

Last but not least, the PRICE! The cost of this program can't be beat! No matter what level/membership you choose, you win! The Starter Membership...FREE! What? With everything you get, you just can't beat it!...Well, actually you can...with Premium. Premium just unlocks a boat load of MORE information and opportunities that are unheard of for the low monthly fee. I have been with WA for about a month now. I signed up for Premium by the 5th day...I SAW the VALUE!

I'm very grateful for this opportunity and this platform. I hope everyone is enjoying all the benefits that Wealthy Affiliates has provided and take advantage of it for the sake of your future! After all WA was "Designed for ALL to SUCCEED!"

Thank you for stopping by and for your ongoing support!

Please feel free to leave a comment/feedback. I'd love to hear from you!

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MeshullamW Premium
Thank you for this.
Sounds so much like my life and the internet.....Now i have to put WA to work for me....
LatriceS Premium
Thank you, Meshullam and I agree...Time to work smarter NOT harder! Wishing you the best on your journey here at WA!
RhondaGordon Premium
Great post! Thanks for sharing.

LatriceS Premium
Thank you, Rhonda, for stopping by and sharing my journey with me. Your time and feedback are greatly appreciated!
MKearns Premium
A lot of us have ah hah moments in WA Latrice. Congrats on your discoveries.
LatriceS Premium
Thank you, Michael! I can't wait to see what's on the horizon!
JudeP Premium
I think we probably all experience that 'light bulb' moment when we realize why we haven't succeeded in the past. This is a great community and I am grateful that I found it :)
LatriceS Premium
Yes, Jude! Since I've been here, everything seems to make better sense and now falling together. Once I complete the Bootcamp or at lease half, I will return to my health and fitness site and make the needed correction. I'm too, both glad AND grateful that I'm here and finally have some type of direction,,,solid direction!
MPollock Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing.
LatriceS Premium
Thank you, Mike, for stopping by and reading my post. I had a blast writing it.