Being Skeptical

Last Update: October 03, 2014

Being Skeptical

Do not do what I did and procrastinate. I was skeptical because of the crap on the internet. So, I signed up and I had to see for myself if this was real or not.... That is just me.Now that I have waited and seen I am getting with it. This is not your average work from home program.

I am just one of those people that question everything. Sometimes this keeps me out of trouble and sometimes this makes me miss opportunities.

Either way this program at WA is very forgiving and if you do not embrace the WA program right away you can always come back to where you left off and move on.

This is not a ZERO SUM citation.

Just make time for and go through the training it is all good. Have fun and hopefully make some money and new friends at the end.If nothing else the knowledge that you gain will be invaluable.

Good Luck

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Shawn Martin Premium
Glad you are here!
kholmes Premium
So far so good for me, takes time and a bit of motivation. Thank you for sharing. Kim :))
Dreams4real Premium
Thanks for sharing, Lanob212. Being skeptical is a result of being burned. Something happens to us and we make sure that it's never going to happen again. Meanwhile, all kinds of great experiences and opportunities pass us by. I'm filing all that past "stuff" in my past and being open to what the future brings. It sounds like you're doing the same. And luck has nothing to do with it.