Last Update: February 01, 2015

I have been writing posts on my site,, that aren't appearing in the right place.
A post under one page on the menu shows up as the title to the page and not the title of the post.
There are posts which are intended for a page on the menu but don't show up there when I click on the page, at least under the name of the post.
Ant help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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Firekeeper Premium
Dear Tom,
if I get you right, you entered "Pages" on the dashboard of Wordpress instead of "Posts".If you want to add a new page, then you go to "appearance > menue" and choose the place, i.e. main menue, where you want to put a new page.

Using the default setting for posts, they'll appear on the front page. Maybe you go back to Kyle's lesson about posts.

Hope it helps, Stefan
land207 Premium
Thank you...Tom