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February 01, 2015
Hi,Folks: I have been writing posts on my site,, that aren't appearing in the right place. A post under one page on the menu shows up as the title to the page and not the title of the post. There are posts which are intended for a page on the menu but don't show up there when I click on the page, at least under the name of the post. Ant help is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Tom
January 21, 2015
Hi; I just wanted to spend a few moments sharing with you about how things have been going here at WA. I really just started about a month ago and have just completed course 2 in the online entrepreneur certification section. My goal was to finish Courses 2 and 3 by the end of March. So, hey it looks like I'm going to get there before then. I have created a website,, which really speaks to a passion of mine. It's been both fun and challenging learning about running a bus
January 01, 2015
At this time of year we enjoy time with family and friends. We also reflect on the year that's been and our plans for the year ahead. Here are some thoughts for you and it's entitled...May You....