Don't change yourself

Last Update: April 29, 2018

You are good

I was writing a post to my web and to me it was just right. It was not too short to my standards and all the info was there. All the pictures just what I wanted telling a mood of my post but not about the post. But then I remembered how someone totally random person once commented that my posts where to short and photos where not about the post and what I did was that I deleted the hole post. And that is so wrong.

Don't let others change you

I know that we can all learn from comments and feedback and lessons and stuff, but in the end You and those who read your blogs and watch your vlogs are the ones that matter. So don't let others to change you. You know what is right for You. So what if you are not pleasing some random person, he or she is not the one that brings you your next paycheck. #u&@ them!

Start building your future with mindset that is what You know you want to be.

Trust yourself and trust your subscribers because only then will you be able to be true to yourself and be happy


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Pernilla Premium
Virpi, your are so right.
We must stay true to ourselves.
It is important to listen to what other people say and think,
but in the end we must decide ourselves what to do. We may not get sad if not everyone have the same opinion as we do.

MKearns Premium
Keep on as you!
lakesidemom Premium
I will. I just have to remember to trust myself