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Last Update: Jun 26, 2019

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Hey everyone,

Recently I wrote a post about having 358 visitors on my site.

Well, shortly after that day, my traffic dropped, and it dropped drastically.

Sadly it went back to around 80 visitors a day.

So, I've been trying to figure out what the problem was ever since then and I found it.

In Google Analytics, you have to make sure the bots are blocked from being tracked on your site.

So, if you haven't done so.

Here is what you need to do to filter the bots.

  • Go to your Admin Setting within your Google Analytic account. (located on the left side)
  • Then click on View Setting on the right.
  • View settings => will open up.
  • Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and check mark the little box.

It looks like this. See image below.

Checking Your Page Speed Also Shows Up In Google Analytic

Anyhow, Did you know whenever you check your page speed with Google page speed website. It also shows up in your traffic results?

Welp, it does and I have no idea how to block that but, for future references it shows up like this. See image below.

In fact, if you were to check your page speed while watching GA. You'll notice that it'll suddenly appear as if 2 people were on your site.

....When in reality it's just YOU checking your speed...LOL..

Suddenly I Had An Increase Of Traffic!

Anyhow, recently I wrote a post. A post that I didn't really think much of, I just needed to get an article done, and that was my focus.

The funny thing about this post is, I couldn't find a keyword within Jaxxy. In Jaaxy there was no options not matter how I searched.

So, instead, what I do if I can't find a keyword in Jaaxy, I go and use Google Search.

Now, I am not expert at using Google search, I'm a risk taker so, at the end of the day, I am okay with whatever results I get.

Anyhow, I used Google Search to find a keyword. Basically, as mentioned earlier I took a risk.

I knew it only could be 50/50. I either rank and get a little traffic or I don't rank and get no traffic. It was no big deal to me.

Well, that risk shot my traffic through the roof but, this time, it isn't bots.

They are real visitors.

I Had 1026 Visitors On My Site In 1 Day...

Less than 24 hours to be exact. It doesn't even feel real..

Maybe I'm still in shock..I don't know

I thought when I woke up the traffic would stop but, now as I am typing this my poor site hasn't had a break. They just keep coming and coming...

I'm floored, now I know what they mean when a post goes viral.

Well, I don't know if my situation is actually considered viral because, although they are spending time to read the post, not too many people re-shared it.

So, that is a real bummer but, it certainly feels like it went viral ...LOL

Either way, I went from 100 visitors to 1026 visitors in less than 24 hours.

Can you believe that?

Plus, I have just realized that 90% of my traffic is from SEO.

My Traffic Comes From 90% SEO

Can I call myself an SEO expert, yet?

LOL..LOL..Maybe I'm jumping ahead but, the point is follow the training to the "T" It works and you will see results.

SEO Results Come From What I Learned In WA.
Here is My Traffic Break Down

  • 87.7% is from Google
  • 1.68% is from Bing
  • 1.16% is from Yahoo

And the other 10% comes from Direct, Referral & Social.

Unfortunately, my social is the lowest.

But, 89.68% of my traffic is from the US so, I guess I have what they call quality traffic.

Is SEO Traffic Alone Good Or Bad?

I have no idea if this much traffic coming from SEO is a good thing or a bad thing? I guess, I will determine that over time...

I do know it's not good to rely on one source of traffic. So, maybe I should work on other sources but, my whole goal was to master SEO first.

Anyhow, I am still happy to see these results.

So, Does WA Training Work?
Yep It REALLY Works...

The Bottom Line Here Is, To Keep Writing

Keep Blogging, Write, Write, Write, And Blog Some More...

As you can see this 1 post has shot my traffic beyond my imagination...LOL

So, if you keep writing and publishing articles, the traffic will come.

When I went to check my traffic, I certainly didn't expect to see this much.

That same post that I wrote got me 7 Wealthy Affiliate Starter Referrals but, it wasn't because of the post itself. It was due to the traffic increase.

I know the referrals didn't come from the post itself because I never tried to redirect anyone to WA on that post.

The point is you never know what post could give your website a major turn for the good. So, this why your highly encouraged to keep writing.

Anyhow, Let's See How Long This Traffic Spike Last....

...but, for now, I'll enjoy the results...

... I am definitely going to do my best to capitalize off of the traffic while I have it... but, first I need to think of how to do that...LOL....

One step at a time... Master one thing at a time....

...keep Pushing.... Get started WA training works...

....Okay well, I and you need to get back to blogging....

Thanks for letting me share my experience with you. I hope this helps someone...

Thanks for reading...

Have an amazing day...See you ALL at the top...


Recent Comments


Awesome, congrats!

Thank you...I appreciate it...

Congrats and thanks so much for that information.

Thank you!

No problem, any time...I try and share what I know...so, I am just glad that it helps..

Awesome dear. Thank for the help filtering the bots

Thank you, and I am glad that I was able to help you with the bot filtering...I wish you continued success...Have an awesome day...

Thanks for the share LaKisha. Some great insight. My takeaway as a newbie is to just write then write so more. Which is my biggest hurdle...Not a writer so I have to Fake it till I make it. LOL.

You're welcome, Franky!

Your insights are right...you do have to blog your heart out...

Worry none, though, writing was my biggest hurdle too.

I still have a problem with writing...but, over the last 6 months I have forced myself nearly everyday to write...and it is just now starting to pay off...hopefully...lol

Either way, you'll want to keep writing...the more you write the better you'll get

practice makes perfect....

To your continued success....

Wow! that's fantastic!
Thanks for sharing. I will have a good read of this post later.

Fantastic but, shocking...lol...

You're welcome, hope it can help...

Thanks Ka'Kisha. You are doing amazing. Appreciate the help on filtering the bots.

You're welcome, Ray!

...and Thank you so much...

Thank you for sharing that important information, much appreciated.

You are doing great girl. Keep up the great work you are doing.

Have a great day and keep that traffic flowing.


Thank you for the encouragement, Jennifer!

I am a bit nervous about that traffic,and came out of nowhere. So, I hope it stays but, we'll see...

Either way, thanks...I wish you continued success as well..let's keep pushing...

You have a great day too...

Thank you much appreciated.

You are welcome we are here to encourage one another.

Have a great day and please keep us updated



LOL..that was my same reaction...

Wow, that is an insane growth of traffic, I hope you are monetising it as much as you can.

No, I wasn't monetizing it...

....Now I am certainly trying to figure out possible ways to monetize that post as much as I can....

....I didn't think the post was going to rank. So, I left it alone...

Your post is very encouraging. I definitely will keep writing.

Thank you, Nate!

Yes, please definitely keep writing..traffic will surely follow..to your continued success..and I am glad that you found this post helpful...

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