SAC Month 2 Update: Better Late Than Never

Last Update: Jul 7, 2019

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Okay, I am a little behind with my challenge update, but, it's better late than never, right?

This month has been a long month but, kind of exciting at the same time.

I completed all my articles for the month. Therefore, I wrote 22 blog post and 43,174 words.

I also received 15k monthly visitors which is my all time high, so YAY for that. I don't know how long it will last but, so far my traffic has been going strong for the last week.

Wealthy Affiliate Referrals

This month I reached my highest referral invites which is 57.

2 upgrades and a few set up their profiles.

The rest I continue to contact. So, we will see how things work out for them.

I noticed that many are saying they don't have the money. I'm not sure if this is considered targeted traffic or not?

The best part is most of them are responding. So, it could be targeted traffic. Maybe they just need time. Plus, many signed up to other programs. So, either way, the traffic was targeted to an extent.

Outside Of WA

I've also made a few sales outside of WA not much but, it's better than nothing.

Right now, I have 148 post on my site with 353 comments. So, slowly but, surely I am getting somewhere.

Things I Need To Work On

Unfortunately, once again this month I didn't join live chat. I do need to work on that.

I also didn't get 5 comments per post as required.

However, I did attempt to get comments and made it at least half-way through.

As far as social media, I only post links to my article to help with indexing and I move on.

Therefore, I could work on improving my social media engagement but, I am more focused on writing content at the moment. The content is what drives the traffic, well at least for me.

I'm also working on my copy writing. I purchased the book that Jay is always recommending "How To Write Copy That Sells" I haven't read the entire book yet but, I'm getting there.

Here are the book details.

Book Title: "How To Write Copy That Sells" The step-by-step system for more sales, to more customers, more often By Ray Edwards.

I also have a ton of technical errors within my Google Search Console, so, I need to take the time to fix those errors. ASAP!

Google Positioning Has Increased

Anyhow, I currently sit at position 17.5 on Google with a 3.5% Click through rate (CTR). Just last month I was sitting at position 48 with a 1.0% (CTR). So, that is a huge improvement.

Things You Can Do To Improve Your Traffic

  • Write content consistently, and I do mean consistently.

I published an article almost every day, for 6 months straight. Then one day, Google suddenly opened the flood gates. Well, at least that is what it felt like to me.

Yes, it was hard and very frustrating but, I pushed through and kept going, and so should you. And if you haven't got started you should. Success can't happen without you putting in the work first.

Unless, you hit the lottery or inherit money, you'll have to make some kind of move.

Here is where you should start.

Get Rolling here...

Here is an organic traffic tactic that I learned from Robert.

Use Brackets

The example below is provided by Robert

===> How to Passive Income (Tips and Tricks)

See how the tips and tricks are inside of the brackets.

This trick has increased my organic traffic.

It didn't happen overnight but, it did happen.

I think it took at least 30 days to see an increase.

Right now, 93% of my traffic is from SEO methods that were taught right here in Wealthy Affiliate.

The training works! You just have to follow the training and take action.

Submit Your Article After Every Post

Here is another tip, if you're not submitting your article to Google Serach Console and Bing Webmaster tool after every single article, then you should start now.

After every article I publish, I share the post on social media.

Then submit to both Bing and Google.

And, if I can. I immediately go and get comments from the site comment platform. This method works for me and should work for you. So, try it.

Ask People To Share Your Post

Final, tip ask your audience to share your post.

Simply by asking your audience to share your post, some of them will share your post, and some won't, and that's okay.

As long as some of them share the post, this can increase traffic to your blog as well.

If you don't get shares right away, worry none!

Eventually people will start sharing your articles.

I discovered that if you show up every day, people will start to notice you.

So, this goes back to being consistent. Write, publish, share, and submit consistently.

Either way, I am ready for month 3, what about you?

Thanks for reading...I wish everyone continued success, you're all doing an fantastic job. Have an amazing day!


Recent Comments


Thank you for sharing. Wish you continued success

You're welcome and thank you! I wish you continued success as well...

Impressed, well done and good advice..👍

I am glad you found this post helpful. Thank you...

Congratulations, really good progress.

Thank you...

Good progress and thanks for sharing your tips La´Kisha, Alan.

You're welcome and thank you, Alan!

Wow. You are an example of the system working! Consistent effort equals traffic, and sales. I'm behind a bit for SAC, but also ready to see what month 3 brings.

Yes, the system does really work. I noticed when I stop blogging for 3 days the traffic drops drastically. I tested it out. So, yes a blog thrives off consistency, at least in the beginning.

I know you will be ready to rock month 3...I wish you continued success...

Good stuff! There are some things on your list that I am not consistent with, so need to remedy that. Your post is helpful.

Thank you, Fran! I am glad you found this post helpful.

Congrats Lakisha great going 👍

Thank you! I appreciate it...

You are doing awesome with a capital A. Thanks for the inspiration and Thanks Robert to for the tip!.

Would you mind Posting more details about that book you mentioned as several come up on amazon. Author?

Hey Derek the book that Jay recommends is How to write copy that sells by Ray Edwards.

Hi Derek!

Thank you!

Sorry about the leaving the book details out.

I completely forgot to add the details. So, I thank you for asking for the details.

I will go back and update the information.

I purchased mine from eBay brand new for about $13.00 with no shipping fees and it arrived within 2 days. I'm not sure how much Amazon is though.

It's called "How To Write Copy That Sells" The step-by-step system fro more sales, to more customers, more often by Ray Edwards.

Plus, if you purchase the book. Don't forget to sign up to Ray Edwards free library membership.

I'm just now getting the book. So, I don't have many details yet. I hope this helps and I wish you continued success...

The image below is what the book looks like

Thank you, Jivita!

Most welcome keisha🙂

That’s very impressive. Congrats. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Nate! and you're welcome.

That's amazing.
Way to go girl.

Thank you, I really appreciate it...

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