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Last Update: August 05, 2017

I originally started WA in 2013. I loved it and learned so much. My blog was coming along but I got off track and ended up not being able to afford my premium membership anymore. Since leaving I had a few starts and stops with my blog. I'd try to restart and had hosting somewhere else but I just kept letting it fall to the sidelines.

I moved twice since I started, lost my Daddy on Christmas 2016, left my job so I could take care of my Mom. Things are finally settling down and I am ready to bet on myself again. It's hard to find that confidence again but, I am definitely trying. Unfortunately when I came back and moved my website I lost everything I had previously done, so I am starting from scratch. It's nice that I remember some things it just takes time to build back up and get into the groove.

So I will probably be going back through most of the training again and I see there is one I hadn't taken yet. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and I am glad to be back on this journey to being my own boss!

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jcmackenroth Premium
Welcome back here! ☆☆
digitalwisdo Premium
Welcome back. "Just Go!" Don't Stop