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August 05, 2017
I originally started WA in 2013. I loved it and learned so much. My blog was coming along but I got off track and ended up not being able to afford my premium membership anymore. Since leaving I had a few starts and stops with my blog. I'd try to restart and had hosting somewhere else but I just kept letting it fall to the sidelines. I moved twice since I started, lost my Daddy on Christmas 2016, left my job so I could take care of my Mom. Things are finally settling down and I am ready to bet
March 20, 2014
Hey WA fam! I have been away from WA since February. It's been a rough patch trying to decide what I truly want to do with my life. My inner demons sprang up and decided to take root in my brain for a bit, but I finally decided I want to give my websites another go. Give myself a chance to be all that I am meant to be. Writing is truly a passion of mine and has been since I was a little girl. Now that I have the opportunity to write what I want and about one of the things I love I want to take
February 02, 2014
I have been working on my own WA review for a couple days now. I'm very excited about this new site and hope that my review is good. If anyone has the time I would love it if you could check it out and give me any feedback. I think I caught all my mistakes but you never know when you're so close to the work. Since I just posted it is currently comment free so also if anyone would like to leave a comment that would be great. Thank you for your time in advance. I truly appreciate all the help and
January 26, 2014
Hi everybody! I haven't been around much this month, it's been a rough one. First my unemployment benefits are up in the air with all the political debate, so I have been tripling my job search. I was already applying for every and any job I could find and now I am expanding my search to things I am over qualified for and even under qualified in the hopes that something will come along. Second, my trusty netbook went out on me :( All of my information and pictures are on it. I was unhappy to sa
Hello Everyone! Earlier I was inspired by NY's blog 25 Tips to Market Your Blog (On the House!) and today I just wanted to discuss some great offline marketing tips. When marketing your website you are also marketing yourself. It's your creation and content that ultimately are going to drive people to your site. There are so many ways online to get people to visit your site, often times we forget about all the day to day opportunities we have to drive traffic to our sites. So here are some way
December 31, 2013
Hey WA fam! Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and successful new year! I hope that we all are able to realize our goals and dreams this year, both work wise and personal :) I have set myself a few goals for the new year and hopefully by this time next year I will have accomplished what I have set out to do. Happy New Year to everyone!
December 23, 2013
I just wanted to wish my whole WA fam a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or even a very merry Wednesday! Whatever you choose to celebrate have a great Holiday and enjoy your family and friends! I'll be around now and again over the next couple of days but not much. This is my long weekend I've decided to take for the holiday season. I just wanted everyone to know I hope your Christmas is awesome!
Hi everyone! I hope everybody had a great weekend. I'm pleased to report that my weekend was great. Since starting at WA I've noticed I seem to be busy a lot, in a good way. Busy blogging, finding images, finding affiliates codes, participating in the community, trying to help others. Happily busy :) This weekend I did some great life/work-at-home balancing and it felt really good. I consider my weekend Sunday and Monday because that's my fiance's actual days off from work. Those are the 2 days
Hello WA fam! I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on having a second site. I have a current niche site that I love and am enjoying working on. Content is still flowing easily, added post #19 today! So I am having a great time. I am posting on my current site every other day. And since I am currently only working from home on this endeavor I think I may have time for 2 sites. I feel like I have enough time to maybe start the boot camp. I am loving my experience so far with WA and would
December 08, 2013
Yesterday I read a blog by edgie It gave me the idea to try reddit. I never was really interested in going on there before. I had visited in the past from some google searches and just felt there was too much going on there for me. After reading his post I decided to go ahead and try it. Today I log onto my site and see that I had 87 visits yesterday. That is much higher than any previous day I have had since I