Canva and my Journey to Peace!

Last Update: April 11, 2018

First Impression

So a couple weeks ago when I ran across from one of Kyle's videos I played with it for about 5 minutes and thought, "this won't help my site"... Then I got a crazy good idea just the other day to promote my site within my own community! You see I live in a retirement community where 80% of the city are seniors and my niche is adult diapers!

I thought wow I must be dense not to have thought of this before, so with this community campaign idea I wracked my brain to find a tool or site where I could create some free advertising posters. Of course Canva came to mind so I begrudgingly took another more in depth look at the tools it offered. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my original assessment was a little out to lunch.

Canva can be used for free, but you have to play with it for a while to find the free template that's going to work for your specific project needs.

Off to the Races!

I must have played around for about 20 minutes to find a template I could use and alter to my ends that was free to choose. Then I went crazy with different variations of my advertisement. After only about an hour total I had 4 different campaign posters created!

The best part of all is that Canva lets you export your work as a .PDF! I quickly saved all my designs onto a flash drive and I'm going to get them printed out in color at a local business that does just that for cheap. Then I'm off to all the senior's complexes and assisted living buildings that I know of to speak about my 'why I want to help people' so that hopefully they'll allow me to advertise for free on their bulletin boards.

I also have this crazy idea about putting up a few posters in other places where mobile seniors and younger incontinence sufferers may tend to go around town such as: the schools for youth suffering this problem, possibly Tim Hortons due to the large amount of seniors that gather for coffee every day, and maybe the college also among other businesses that target helping people.

My brain just keeps coming up with new ideas!

Community Campaign

I think I've done a good job at catching people's attention in my advertisements, with the focus being personal help with the process of finding the right product for their individual needs. I'm so excited to be taking this huge step in getting traffic to my web page!

Even if that means answering emails from potential customers for hours a day, that excites me even more as then I'll actually feel that I'm helping them with a major life problem!

I think that the customers that just use the site and don't connect with me I'll feel less like I've really helped even though their decision to purchase through my site probably means that my reviews did help them in their choice of product, so even conversions are gonna help me feel like I've helped someone which is really my whole focus with this niche.

A Change in Professions

I went from being a healthcare aide to collapsing and having to quit that line of work for the last 6 years, now with WA I've finally found a way to start helping others in healthcare again!! Before I was a healthcare aide I was a general welder and made pretty good money at it, but as fun as it was it didn't fill my need to help others and so I quit that profession and started in home healthcare which pays next to nothing, but the reward at the end of each day is a sense of having accomplished something meaningful for someone.

Then the collapse happened due to a few medical issues and I've been on Dr's orders not to lift more than 10 pounds for the last 6 years, but with WA I don't hardly lift a finger and I'm still helping people! I feel like the changing leaves in autumn, like I'm still the same and yet I've changed the way that I approach the same old situations.

I've adapted to my disability in a way I never considered a possibility, I mean what did I know about business? Thanks WA for being my teacher and for helping me to realize that even being disabled I'm able to start helping others again!

A Basic Summary

My point behind my story of perseverance over Canva and my disability are thus, no matter what life throws at you, you have to just get back up as best you can and keep on achieving your goals and dreams.

If you don't then you'll end up like I was for the past 5-6 years, depressed or worse! Pushing yourself to do and achieve more along with having faith in yourself that you can and will find a way to achieve your goals and dreams is the formula for success! (That's just the Law of Attraction! which governs the entire universe!)

I don't know exactly what kicked me in the butt and got me looking for a solution to my problems, but I'm sure glad I found WA in the process. WA has helped me so much to reach a position where once again I can help others! I feel at peace again finally, like the feeling of walking among cherry blossoms, just a calm and resounding peace!

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SachiKashi Premium
Wow, Kyra-Lynn! You go, girl! You've come up with so many creative ideas. Keep going!
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Kyra-Lynn, Well done. There are always solutions to every problem if we look hard enough. Best wishes, Jill
dlum11 Premium
Kyra- Lynn that was an excellent post. Very inspiring because it came from your heart. I'm so happy for you to be able to find your purpose in life. And live it out l have read all your post in the past. This one was great because it came from your heart. Oh what a feeling congratulations.
Elijah1916 Premium
Yes, one's life is never, and will never be complete until one can positively impact on others along the way. That is real life my dear, and that is how it should be. I am happy that this real life experience has come to you.
SWhitley Premium
Wonderful and inspiring! You are gonna rock this world!