Harness the Power of Success! As Simple as Changing Your Mind

Last Update: April 17, 2018

First off before you see how long this gets please if the title intrigued you take the time to read it, as it has insights into who we all are as human beings. Thanks.

A very bright friend of mine wrote a post not long ago that touched on the power of our thoughts and how our thoughts are the very first steps, the very building blocks to achieving anything in life. She prompted her readers to think as if they already have all the success they're reaching for. This truly struck a note deep in my heart and out I poured myself without even thinking about it at the time, but looking back I think I wrote her a short story LOL. Anyways, she felt that people really need to hear my response to her blog post. So I'm just gonna copy and paste what I wrote minus the names. Hope you all enjoy!

My response:

Everything you speak of in this post speaks right to my core and the Law

of Attraction as well. I even used the Law of Attraction to find WA if
you can believe it. For those that are religious praying also ties into
the Law of Attraction. Our minds are like radio towers transmitting all
of our thoughts into our own personal universes, each thought wave
brings about changes in our everyday reality. Strengthen your mind and
strengthen your thought transmissions, this is why success begets
success and the same with failure, change your mind and change your

Has anyone realized that when they're alone they're endeavors tend to
succeed more than around other people? This is because when your by
yourself your thoughts manifest not only easier but faster as well
because too many 'radio towers' in one room create a blur of signals
that the universe has trouble responding to as easily. That and the fact
that even those we care about tend to doubt our abilities and that has a
negative impact on your positive thoughts manifesting.

Also, some of us (myself included) are receivers of others transmitted
thoughts, some people are able to actually read minds! Seriously! Myself
I'm a simple empath which means I feel others feelings/pain instead my own
when I'm around them. As a result I often become the shoulder that my
friends and sometimes even total strangers tend to confide in. The hard
part is being around too many people all at once, for empaths
especially, as this causes a mix of emotions that can often be too much
to handle. For this reason I'm almost a total recluse, but I prefer it
this way for now until I learn to control this gift/curse.

Back to your post though, I just wanted to say to those that want
to try augmenting they're reality in this way, to do so at first in a room all
alone as the results will automatically be more powerful! Oh and
another tip is this, the universe only responds to the subject of each
thought itself!!! By this I mean that if you're thinking 'I don't want...'
(ex. 'failure') the universe doesn't respond to do wants or don't
wants, only to the thought itself, in this example 'failure' and so
failure will come to you. So remember to think of only what you do want
to happen (goal planning works well here) and aim to stop thinking about
what you don't want in life and watch how quickly things will change
for you!


PS - for proof of the transmitting capabilities of the brain look into
the company Emotiv, specifically they're Insight headset!! A headset that
actually picks up your brainwaves! This headset allows you to, faster
than ever, optimize your thought processes and even control certain
technology such as your smart phone or computer just by thinking!

To expand a bit on the reply, try to visualize your goals. Visualizing makes for more powerful brainwaves and therefore a better response from the universe. If you're having trouble visualizing then create a vision board on Pinterest! Another powerful tactic would be to try putting yourself into your future selves shoes having already achieved your success and think on how that will make you feel. Do that for a couple minutes every day and you'll attract your success much faster than even you thought possible!

I hope this post has been insightful to everyone. Please feel free to ask questions below and I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks for reading!

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SWhitley Premium
Some deep thoughts for all of us. Positive thinking lends itself well to success. And may I suggest, success lends to positive thinking. A circle, if you will.

I agree that visualizing success can be a fantastic way of generating positive vibes. I myself have often seen the future me after making a paltry million or so and my future is brighter when I visualize me wit 100 million. But there I go again. Sorry.

I have not used Pinterest. I have an account but time is so precious right now that I have not gotten into it. You spoke of creating a vision board. Could you maybe put together a training blog on how to do that? No pressure, not begging, but it would be helpful to me. (Now I feel like the neighbor on the tv commercial tasking my friend.)

Wish I could help with the Empath thing. Just try channeling it to one side and remember that not always YOU have to be the support.