Why NOW is the Best Time EVER to Start Affiliate Marketing.

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Hey Everyone,

Today I want to discuss opportunity. In particular within the 'affiliate marketing world', an industry that is near and dear to us and an industry we have been helping people thrive in since the early 2000's.

But the past is not what I want to help you appreciate and get excited about. It is the future of opportunity within this space, and the fact that it only continues to grow. I remember when I started out back in 2002 (gawd, I am showing my age lol), but at the time I felt like the affiliate marketing opportunity was HUGE. And it was.

But the opportunity back then, pales in comparison to what it is now. And to help explain this, I want to give you FOUR very important insights that really display just how exciting the affiliate marketing opportunity is now in 2024, and will be in 2025 and beyond.

(1) Unprecedented Number of Internet Users, 5.5 BILLION!

The internet has become an integral part of all of our daily lives, with the number of users skyrocketing. As of 2024, there are over 5.5 billion internet users worldwide. (Source: Internet World Stats)

This represents a significant portion of the global population, offering a massive audience for affiliate marketers. This means, that within your niche your potential audience is 5.5 BILLION people, and these are potential customers.

(2) Record-Breaking Online Spending (and Growing), 5 TRILLION!

Online spending has reached new heights, each and every year fro the last decade. This is being driven by the convenience and accessibility of e-commerce.

In 2023, global e-commerce sales surpassed $5 trillion (yes, Trillion with T), and projections indicate this figure will continue to grow, potentially reaching $7 trillion by 2025. (Source: Statista)

This exponential growth in online spending highlights the vast potential for affiliate marketers to earn commissions as a bulk of these transactions are being driven through affiliate links.

(3) Abundance of Affiliate Programs and Products (and growing), 550 MILLION!

The sheer number of affiliate programs available has never been greater. From physical products to digital services, affiliate marketers have an extensive array of options to choose from.

This includes every major brand, and even some of the most obscure brands. They all are moving their marketing efforts towards affiliate marketing as it offers them the opportunity to scale their online exposure much better.

This diversity allows affiliate marketers (like yourself) to find programs that align with their interests and target audiences, enhancing their chances of success.

(4) Diverse Methods for Getting Traffic and Reach!

Image: The Classes Menu Here at Wealthy Affiliate

The ways to reach and engage audiences online are more varied than ever before.

Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, X, Tik Tok), user-generated content platforms (Reddit, Quora, Medium), email marketing, Youtube, and paid advertising provide multiple channels to attract and retain traffic.

This multi-channel approach enables affiliate marketers to build robust and effective strategies for driving conversions. All of which we teach here at WA and have EXPERT training on.

How Wealthy Affiliate Brings It All Together...

Wealthy Affiliate offers a comprehensive platform that integrates all these critical elements to ensure your affiliate marketing success.

With our expert training through your Hubs and daily video blogs and classes to help keep you current, our goal is to keep you far ahead of your competition.

With the generative AI content design and creation tools, affiliate program and content research platforms, and your full integration into your website through your Affiliate Hub environment, the technology side of your business is streamlined (and we have lots of exciting evolutions of this coming).

With the community support, you can network, learn from, and even educate fellow aspiring and very successful affiliate marketers in this community. We have lots of exciting changes coming to our community side of the platform as well, including Ambassadorship.

Now is the time to be online. Now is the time to be an affiliate marketer. Now is the time to buckle up, focus, and work towards building a business that you love and GET PAID.

PS. We have a brand NEW Affiliate Program integration coming to Hubs in the next few days!!! Stay tuned for that....

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There is a lot here to cover. I'm with all 5 affiliates so that is what the journey of learning this business is all about. I may be slow at the start but that doesn't mean I'm not doing my part. Training in each Affiliate takes me time and a better start when everything is set up.
Thanks for the support

Great post! I'm inspired & excited! Love this community & so glad I found my way back & forever home😁 still learning & feel as I will be learning continually here & thats an awesome thing! Your caring about this community ya'll have built has me feeling like I can achieve my dreams...one day! Thanks for the info & inspiration!

Awesome, glad you found your way back here Shamaree and I can't wait to see where you take your business through the remainder of 2024 and beyond! :)

I feel like online work is starting to become the norm or perhaps it has been the norm since Covid made that shift in 2020. It is no surprise that the affiliate marketing industry has become an billion dollar industry! It will just keep growing from there. I forgot what the percentage or statistics were, when I saw it from somewhere, but it showed how more people are making more money online than the ones going out to their in-person jobs.

Yeah, people are definitely gravitating their activities to the online world, and spending MOST of their time online. The average person is locked into their phone for 4 hours now, expect that to go up.

People are spending a bulk of their money online, and spending the bulk of their time online now. It's just a matter of getting in front of them and there are many ways to do that. :)

Very inspiring post indeed! I am excited even more now than I was when I joined in 2015! I started online in 2007, so don't feel bad about showing your age! lol

In fact, I happened upon WA in 2010 while researching for a keyword which happened to be "wealthy affiliate".

Regardless of the past, WA was and always will be the Top affiliate marketing opportunity out there.

WA has grown immensely and I am very excited and love being part of the thriving education, community, AI, social media, and everything inbetween.

I am here to stay! Why go anywhere else?

When Opportunity knocks, answer the door!

Thank you Kyle and all your staff for the awesome work you do!

Looking forward to the new release tomorrow!

Just a few years after me, my official start was in 2002 while I was in school and I haven't looked back since. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you since 2010!

And one thing that has been the case with WA since we started it back in 2005 is that we continue to evolve every week. We have never "taken breaks", what motivates us and excites us is continuing to advance the platform, education and technology to better serve the community here. It's going to be a fun ride moving forward!

As for the release, it is looking like early next week. We found a few last minute bugs we wanted to take care of and Friday releases are always scary, so we are going to push out the new platform early next week.

I know not everyone sees things the same way, nor do they react the same way to a particular piece of content, but anyone who doesn't see the TREMENDOUS opportunity described by your post must have their"eyes" closed...

With 5.5 billion potential customers and 7 trillion dollars in potential sales next year, watch out! I gotta get me some!

I'm ecstatic over being here and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with all the fine folk here at Wealthy Affiliate!

Thanks for all you've done and all that's coming!


The opportunity is always going to be there. It is how you position yourself to get in front of the opportunity.

We have all been given this even playing field, the technical hurdles are gone to build a business online, the education is in front of people here within WA, and the audience is there. Just a matter of a little elbow grease and time to make big things happen.

Lots of exciting stuff going on here, and we are going to continue to make the process of building a business more streamlined, more fun, and more exciting than ever! :)

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