The Altman Address – AI Regulation and Real-time Data Protection

Last Update: May 23, 2023

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I have spent the last week or so digesting the Sam Altman hearing before Congress. For those of you that don't know, Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI (ChatGPT). The topic on the table? You guessed it – the regulation of AI.

Now, I know what you're thinking – "Yawn, regulations, how boring!". But these are something that you should be paying close attention to, as it will have a bearing and impact in your business in one way or another moving forward.

Sam Altman, donned his best blue suit for a little heart-to-heart with the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee. The hot topic of the day? The sizzling potential and slippery pitfalls of artificial intelligence.

Despite the occasional fiery Q&A exchange (no AI was harmed in the process, lol), Altman remained cool and calm. He wasn't just there to defend his AI baby, ChatGPT...he was there to actually push for regulation on the industry.

And the lawmakers? They didn't turn a deaf ear. they were ALL EARS, in particular Senator John Kennedy, who was like, "We're ready to get this right. Just tell us how!"

They were adamant about not repeating past mistakes (remember the social media regulation debacle?), especially when it came to the wellbeing of the kids within this new world...something that I think about a lot as well having a 6 and a 9 year and how they are going to adapt and hopefully thrive within this new world ahead of us.

So, what's next on the regulation checklist? Here's the lowdown:

  • No more election misinformation
  • Preventing job disruption (which is inevitable)
  • Strengthening non-English AI
  • Copyrights and licensing
  • Saying NO to dangerous and harmful content
  • And finally, preventing impersonation of public and private figures

Altman's ace up the sleeve? A shiny, new government agency solely for regulating AI systems. A good thing in my opinion, the implementation of it may be a disaster though knowing how government often times gets things very wrong before they get it right.

The AI Regulation Rollercoaster is Just Beginning

With the AI regulation snowball set in motion, Congress is getting ready for more hearings, diving deep into issues like copyright and patents. A very complex issue.

But what does this mean for us, the users of AI and on the website side of thing, your content creation and the protection to your work? Well, it's time to roll with the punches, adapt, and evolve with the changing AI landscape and to BENEFIT and thrive during this time.

It's not just about having a fancy tool anymore, it's about leveraging this tool and immersing yourself within the AI world. It can stand to benefit you drastically, in terms of your efficiency and overall success.

So, as we strap in for this thrilling rollercoaster ride of AI evolution, let's remember to keep our eyes open, our minds alert, and embrace the unpredictable, exhilarating future together! These are exciting times.

Protecting the Protectors of Information?

Congress has been mulling over some bills aimed at protecting news agencies. Why? Because these are the guys providing us with real-time data. They're on the front lines, tirelessly reporting on current events and making sure we're kept in the loop.

This includes people like you or I. People contributing to the "content world" are also entities that are going to be touching the AI world in one way or another.

And with ChatGPT's new browsing feature, these news agencies might feel like they're being raided by a data-hungry AI. So, it's only fair that there are some rules put in place to safeguard their interests.

Congress is all about keeping things fair and square for content creators. This is an area that I always felt would come with a great deal of complication, and sophistication...and that certainly showed face during this hearing when there were a lot of different ideas as to what this really meant.

Is it about someone creating a song in the style Garth Brooks, or is it about someone writing an article and then fed into AI, and it becoming part of the broader data that is delivered in newly formed content (without any recognition or citation).

This is where I think it is going to get difficult for Congress to pass specific bills, that are not over-reaching and that don't adversely impact innovation with AI.

If AI has access to real time data, where does it get this data from and how does it adequately “cite" the sources of the content, giving the content creators enough exposure to make it commercially viable for them to create the content in the first place.

Regulation will it will be implemented, and how quickly it comes is the question.

Regulation Station – The Future of AI Browsing

So, what does this mean for ChatGPT and its fancy new browsing plugin?

Well, there's a strong possibility that any plugin scraping real-time content could soon be under heavy scrutiny. Oversight, seems to be an inevitable step in this AI evolution. Which is natural, and appropriate.

This doesn't mean the end of AI browsing – far from it. It just means that we need to be prepared for some changes and adjustments along the way. We also need to understand that being content creators, that regulators will have most likely have our best interest moving forward when it comes to the financially viability creating content.

After all, in the thrilling world of AI, change is the only CONSTANT! It will happen, and we are going to be ready for it (and ahead of the game) as a community here at Wealthy Affiliate!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and where you see AI regulation heading as we move forward.

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Recent Comments


HI Kyle,

Thanks for your insights! Right now, AI is already stealing content that I created and displaying it on Bing, in their own AI words, of course. They provide the link to my website, but that's it. Currently, they are just trying to funnel people to their AI-generated content before users have the chance to visit the creator's website. This will certainly kill everyone's publishing business as the big boys will become the ultimate affiliates.

I am not so sure it will kill everyone's publishing businesses, people are still going to do research online, and you will have access to the same tools to create thorough content on granular topics yourself.

The attribution side of things is something that I have always felt that there isn't going to be enough of and that is going to be difficult to implement.

I also like to think that AI as an extension of myself in a physical form, a better smarter verson that I am in charge of making decisions for. It still needs directions, yes and find that it depends entirely on the type of data that is given, whether good or bad. However, I have no idea how AI can be use here but looking forward for AI to be introduced at WA in a way that makes sense to us and our business. It would be a huge step for me. It was through WA training that really challenged me to actually discover AI in my quest to find solutions in content writing etc. Looking forward for AI to be introduced here at WA, soon.

Love it or lump it AI is here to stay and for us marketers we need to make better use of it if we are to go further forward in the age.

Yes there are many areas some are touchy as you stated with copyright etc but that has never changed but by using the AI as a tool and not as our content writer is still be best move forward for us.

Will also be interesting how Google responds to this enquiry with their Bard and if they will be going through scrutiny as well.

Looking forward to the new classes for both Premium and Plus members to see what further AI can bring to the table for us in the proper way it is meant to be use for.

Thanks Kyle


For sure, it is with us, it is not going anywhere, and as a human race we will adopt...or we will HAVE to adopt. If we don't, what we do as a job, and what we think is our convention, may no longer be because AI is going to create a brand new world here.

In some ways this is very scary, in some ways this is very exciting. There will be new opportunities, but also with that new malicious uses for this powerful platform.

That is why regulation is key and critical in my mind, but I have seen the botch job that the gov has done with other types of regulation (social media, privacy, etc) so I am not holding out too much hope that they are going to get things right. Not the first time around anyways.

True Kyle governments never get it right regardless of what country it is. But more so in the US, they don't care about the people what they want is what is in it for them and also how to power with the regulations but ready to blame others should it go wrong. Nothing new there.

But AI is here to stay and yes for many it can be scary but so are all the other technology the world has seen in every other area of life.

There are many great benefits some will create problems due to not getting it right the first time and also there will always be abuse from those in the dark areas.

That is part and parcel of any advancements we see, unfortunately.

In reality, it is just another form of technology brought in and one that needs to be sorted out and done right ASAP.

But as I said there will always be the abusers around.

I will not overthink now. I wait for the training to learn.
How can one know if ChatGPT wrote or copied someone entirely?

You won't know. How do you know an author read something at some point, and used that information in their writing. All content we create, is based on knowledge we obtained somewhere else....the same with AI.

Thank you, Kyle.
Knowing the intent behind the keywords, quality content could be created with adequate knowledge to help the audience.
I am unsure how AI can know the intent behind the keywords to write helpful content.
While AI can undoubtedly offer massive help to content creation, I will wait to see if it benefits me.

I have no faith in a new governmental agency to oversee this. Since Biden has already said that he intends to have DEI pushed through AI, all semblance of fairness has long since disappeared.

Who would decide election misinformation? We saw how badly that was handled during Covid. The recent Durham report showed how poorly news agencies perform - their goal is not to keep us informed, but to keep us in line for the path they think we should follow.

Instead we will see the content we worked so hard to develop scraped by AI bots who will then give it for free to someone else while we get no credit, something the new Search Generative Experience Google is working on. It could have huge ramifications for content creators by impacting their traffic.

Yes, AI is here. Our future is anything but rosy.

It's getting integrated into everything, soon we will have to just assume that AI is part of what we are doing, reading, and watching. Interesting times to say the least, but I think it is going to be very important to be on the right side of AI as there are many really great things about it.

I agree it will become a part of all we say and do, but unless we're the ones programming it, I'm not sure we can be on the right side of it all.

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