The 4 Attributes of Successful Affiliate Marketers.

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Over the years I have worked with well over a million people in this space here within Wealthy Affiliate. I have seen just about every walk of life imaginable from someone struggling with their current situation, to a business that needs help within the online world, to doctors and lawyers that simply don't love their careers and want an escape.

Regardless of the situation, there are several attributes that I can see in people that indicate to me whether they have a really good chance of success or failure. Instead of my focusing on the negative here, I would rather focus on the positive and what I see within those that I know will have success in their future.

There are FOUR "success" attributes in particular that I would like to discuss and focus on here.

Don't Focus on Revenue in the First Month

Those that create success and do so at a high rate have one thing that is apparent right from the get go. They are not as intrigued or fixated on making money in their first month, they are more intrigued by the business model and how they are going to make it work for them.

The opportunity online is infinite, but if you give yourself a fixed and finite amount of time to succeed, it likely will never happen. The majority of the people I see succeeding are willing to give themselves this adequate amount of time, and those that are failing are disproportionately those looking to succeed in their first month.

I have always found it strange that the same people that are "urgent" to create a business overnight are those that have spent 4-6 years in university and spent $100,000 to get a throwaway degree, and a "normal" job. What if these same people investing that time to creating an online business, which would have saved them $100,000, allowed them to work while they were building an income, and they would now be sitting on a 6-7 figure income.

That is the true reality and one that the main attributes of a successful person.

Realistic About The Fact They Are Creating a Businsess

There is a big difference between a business, and an opportunity. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides you with all the tools and services you need to create and grow a business online (and do so within any niche). Those that succeed realize this and harness all the capabilities that WA offers.

They build websites. They leverage the training. They join in on the live classes. They ask for help when they need it, they help others when they can pitch in. They leverage SiteComments, they understand their SiteHealth and work to improve it. They ask for others to give them a website audit through the SiteFeedback platform. They utilize SiteSpeed to get incredible rankings in terms of speed (which boosts rankings drastically).

They also become research experts in their niche and leverage the Jaaxy research platform here at WA for their keyword, niche, market, and website research.

This is contrary to the approach of those that "fail" at a very high rate. They have the tendency to just look for a quick way to earn a buck. They will see the fact that they can earn $1 credit for referring someone, so they will try to make $1.

This is a business. You can create a business. If you don't treat your approach to this game like you are building a business, you certainly will never have one. Those that succeed at a very high rate take this "I am going to create a business" approach right out of the gate.

Willing to Give Themselves Adequate Time

I touched on this earlier with my reference in my first point, but those that are realistic about the time it takes to build an actual business are those that usually end up creating thriving ones.

So how long can you anticipate it will take? There is a simple answer. As much time as you need.

For some, you might need 8-12 months to create a business that is bringing in a really consistent income, for others this make take a few years. It "clicks" for everyone at a different time, so asking when you will achieve success is a question that nobody can answer other than YOU. Your hard work and dedication to your business is what will result in you creating a successful one.

Give yourself time...any amount of time to achieve a success in business, and that is what will happen. Give yourself a "cutoff date" where you need to earn $XYZ, then you are likely going to cut off the oxygen supply to your business prematurely.

Those that succeed at a high rate, always are prepared to give themselves adequate time to achieve success.

Treat Business, Like Every Other Achievement In Life

What is the last thing that you achieved that you were proud of? Think about this for a few seconds (or minutes if you need it).

Now, think about what you did to accomplish this achievement? Did you work hard at it? Did you face failures on your way to this achievement? Likely.

Creating a successful business is a collection of all sorts of things, failures, successes, ups and downs, a desire not to work, being motivated one minute, then lacking motivation the goes on and on. This is normal, and this is the process to achieve anything you want in life.

Those that are successful realize that they aren't going to be the best, before they work to become the best at what they do. They also are not hard on themselves when they fail, they view this as a learning experience. When I started out playing basketball, I hit very few shots and I certainly could not hit a 3 pointer. With practice, and a lot of failure, and a lot of ups and downs, you get better to the point where you are above average.

The same goes for business. Treat it like everything else you have achieved in your life, and business will be your next achievement.

My goal here is not to predict your level of success or have you try to define your own success by what I have said. Rather, I want to give you a guideline approach based on what I have seen working with people every day over the past 14 years in this space (and from my 17 years of experiences).

There are "tell-tale" signs of success, and these are what I believe to be the FOUR most prominent ones.

I also want to open up the discussion to those that are either already succeeding online and how these fit into your personal attributes and behaviour, or if you are not achieving the success you desire yet, which one of these areas you are perhaps lacking in. I look forward to hearing from you (below). :)

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Hi Kyle,

I knew instantly when I first met this platform it was for keeps. I have shocked myself how well I have done. Needless to say I have so many more challenges. There is so much more I need to do and Achieve.

The knowledge I have now. I have to nip myself to think Wow I actually achieved so much. Something I never thought I could ever do.

I am in this business for a life time achievement. Not just for an overnight success. This is something I want to do for my kids and who knows leave them something they can take over from or build on when I am gone.

This to me is all I ever wanted. I have everything I need right Now right here and for years to come.

If I never even earned a dime which I have. I would always be proud of the knowledge I have accumulated over the years being with Your platform.

This for me is a long term goal. I don't want to be the best but I want to be better. I am gaining that knowledge and expertise every single day I am on your amazing platform.

Thank you to both yourself and Carson and of course Jay that man is the best, :) He really is one super clever guy. I hate missing Live training. Its like I get withdrawal's lol.

Deb's :)

I am succeeding in my I have two posts that have been indexed on Google...and I am so happy that I am actually making progress! ....and all thanks to the WA training program and the WA Community. This so reminds me of when I took the plunge to take Microsoft training and I was told if I did the training I would never have to worry about a job ever again.. This is the same....and then some. I had to make a career change and this by far is the best one yet in my career. I am ever thankful and ever grateful for this opportunity!!!
Thank you so much Everyone!

I realize I learnt something new here with Wealth affiliate team and actually I am know nothing about what to do .When I set my goals ,base on my current business and hope leverage with WA to achieve my goals.
Thanks for ideas to help us to do the right thing . Your success today is not over night , and others build up their business through failure and major problems in the past .
You are right Kyle .Donot focus on Revenue or how much we make in first month or first year .I learn people give up and quit so easy when they get in or try do something ,They arenot serious put time and effort and they expect get big ,huge results ...From 2005 you begin WA with Carlson ,you did not tell us how do you start ...Bill Gates , Warren Buffet had many steps to achieve their goals .Time and effort to help us results and with passion and desire to share something could chance people life .Believe I am believe your WA grow fast because your connect and support it s awesome .My business the same thing when we share with people our product ,we want people could protect their income in safe ways ,smart move,to create better for their finance family.And I wish you and Carlson know about that too .
To begin with WA it take my time to learn I am patience and appreciate everyone to help me ,I need a lot of supports and hopefully I hear a lot of good new form other members

Patience Grasshopper...we will all get to where we want to be!!

I lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 4 years. There was a great Italian restaurant at the time (La Dolce Vita). Its location was the envy of many business owners there (right on the boardwalk where you could admire spectacular sunsets while having a nice dinner and a glass of wine). I once asked the owner Giuseppe how he had managed to acquire such amazing real estate. Turns out this was Pepe's third time trying to open a restaurant. He had already struck out 2 times before. But he never stopped believing. His know-how certainly had something to do with it. But it was his tenacity and humility to learn from his mistakes that I admired most. Ultimately, it was these traits that got him that coveted spot on the boardwalk. You simply can't give up. If you know in your heart this is what you want to do, then nothing will stop you, no matter how long it takes. A good example of this happened to me last friday: after three failed attempts I finally got on Jay's Hot Seat session and got my site reviewed for the first time. That was awesome!

wow that is awesome!! Keep it going!

I caught the broadcast!

Every point that you discussed was on track. Take whatever time you need to build your business right.We all have busy lives .Just as we have ups and downs in life we also will have the same learning the business.In time some things that seemed difficult at first get easier as you move forward. How fast you go isn't important.But what you accomplish in time will bring the results that we're looking for.Just take one day at a time and learn what you must do then simply do it. I'm very excited about the future. And this journey is a continuing learning process. I would tell anyone that's starting ask questions when necessary.Don't hesitate because you will run into problems at times. But help is always available if you get stuck or frustrated.

I think you're spot on my man. Anything worth having is worth working for if truly desired. No matter how long it takes. It just so happens that those who stick with until they make it work regardless of how long, end up finding ways to work "smarter", rather than just harder. All of these attributes are on point! Especially the - "Willing to Give Themselves Adequate Time" attribute. It's on the money Kyle.

Great article Kyle and thank you for the straight talk.I just joined WA 2 weeks ago and I'm already stumped on how to create content.You see,I don't consider myself an authority or expert in anything.All I know is that I enjoy singing,so how do I build a business around that? Where do I come up with my ideas on what to write? I really want to give this a good go and I know there are a lot of great people here with wonderful support.I guess I just feel stumped right out of the gate.

Kyle, you have it right in many Regards. The kindest ones, and no I am not brown nosing because you bailed me out again. I think, in fact, you only need 1 thing that is a big huge giant heart (while holding your tongue at big huge 8 head forehead jokes).

Then again, you need many more things at the same time.

And the ability to put your self in someone else's shoes. Imagine walking a mile in them proverbially, then explain how the features of your company can benefit them. There is the value they find based upon the values of your business.

I think there are elements which you've mentioned within my success and the same ones to continually strive to improve.
My most recent source of pride is trifold.

One is getting prescriptions remotely delivered for my girl. Pills were left on the bus, and 2 needed refills that caught me unaware. Just transferring your child to a faraway school has some quirks to work.

Secondly, I arranged and got my tickets and accommodations for the next round of missions for immunoglobulins.

Third and last, but not least I was restored to authorship on this site. With your help! I appreciate all you do and thank you so much. I am sorry for any trouble I caused, this is serious business.

I think I am doing well at allowing adequate time and balancing it with an onslaught of other responsibilities. I am not in it for the money, and am realistic to say I worked my whole life for it. And will continue that process.
Trial and error is a good expedition, but even better is moving forth with a good plan.

That requires paying attention to how you are received and what you represent.

Money is not what first propels me, and that is why it took me so long. I take my sweet lovely time but the closer you pay attention, the more quickly you get paid.

I hope my notes find you well.
Thank you & kind regards,
Nurse Becca

Just to be part of this amazing community I feel so very successful because I have learned and continue to learn things I never imagined I would!
Now you have just bolstered my confidence in the fact that 1 year from now I will have achieved better than now and so on with the years to come
Thanks, Kyle!

Way to go Jane! :)
Great mindset.

Thank you ☺️

This post really hits home with me. The job that I have now for over 25 years has taken its toll on me and I literally had to work my butt off to succeed in it. I'm a red seal Steamfitter by trade and even after all my years with my license in my field just 8 yrs ago I had to change jobs just to find out I didn't have my grade 12 math. In order for me to get my job I had to take a course in post secondary college math. I joined, went to school throughout the day, studied at night till 1 am every night, did 2 tests per day to finish in 3 weeks, pass my final examine and landed my job within a week thereafter.
This is where I am now, so how hard am I willing to work for my freedom for time in my life for my family?
Let's all help one another and use the platform and ask for help when we need it, and in due time we will succeed as long as we don't lose sight of our goals.
Love your article by the way Kyle! As always,
Thank you,

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