New Membership Pricing is LIVE! (With Free Domains)

Last Update: Nov 2, 2022

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Just an update here, the pricing update that I had recently mentioned was coming is now completely rolled out within WA. We are excited about this update (and it has been a long time coming).

Starter members who join from this point forward will have access to a brand new lead offer when they join the community. One that comes with MORE tangible value, and sets them up for longer term success right at the outset of their business.

A free domain now comes with all upgrades from Starter => Premium or Premium Plus!

New Starter Pricing & Offer...

Premium: $49 Per Month + FREE Domain

Premium Plus+: $99 per month + TWO FREE Domains

The prices have NOT gone up, but the first 7 day "action taker" offer has changed. We are now offering a free domain with Premium, and TWO free domains with a Premium Plus+ membership.

Another change has been people's ability to take advantage the yearly savings right away. Premium and Premium Plus+ members can now see the yearly discount pricing options right on the upgrade page.

This broader change is going to offer a lot more clarity on the pricing of both memberships and the yearly options, as well as position newcomers for much more success online as EVERY person that joins either Premium or Premium Plus+ going forward will have their own domain (which is their foundational brand asset).

Affiliate Commissions Have Gone Up!

Affiliate commissions have gone up with these changes, and there is definitely going to be newfound marketing opportunities that should be explored, in particular paid advertising.

Premium $49 + free domain (first month) => $20
Premium Plus+ $99 + 2 Free Domains (first month) => $40

Premium Monthly $49/Mth => $23.50 recurring 
Premium Plus+ $99/Mth => $46.50 recurring

Premium Yearly $497/Year=> $230 recurring
Premium Plus+ $697/Year => $320 recurring

It was difficult to get a paid campaign rolling within Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads prior to this pricing update as the $19 offer commissions were just $8. Now with first month commissions being 2.5x higher, PPC becomes a very valid and profitable way to attract new customers.

If you want help getting up and running with a PPC campaign to promote WA, there has never been a better time.

Reach out to me directly if you have a budget for advertising (I would recommend a minimum of $1,000) and you want to get rolling with a scalable campaign. PPC is where my roots were born in the online world and I would be more than happy to help get you rolling in the right direction on some solid footings.

PM me within my profile if this is you.

Black Friday is Coming Soon!

We are less than a month away from Black Friday, and as with past years we are going to be offering some really awesome pricing deals, along with some really awesome bonuses!

I know many have been asking for promotion materials (banners) and full details of the offer, and these will be coming early next week. So stay tuned for that.

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Recent Comments


Please can you clarify the free to P or P+ offer?
Is the free domain only available if the upgrade is selected in the first 7 days or is it at anytime provided it is from a starter member base?

The above is not clear to me:
"but the first 7 day "action taker" offer has changed. We are now offering a free domain with Premium, and TWO free domains with a Premium Plus+ membership."

followed by ...

"EVERY person that joins either Premium or Premium Plus+ going forward will have their own domain"

Sorry to be so dumb.

Hi! As what Kyle said, you only get the free domain if you upgrade within 7 days. With that being said, Kyle will likely offer extension on this time frame however it is still in discussion.

Thank you.

Free domain is not available within the Black Friday offers, correct. This is only for new members that are upgrade at $49, and you get two free domains if you upgrade at the $99 price point as a new member.

My pleasure! Kyle got you covered!

Hello Kyle,

I hate to even ask this because you have already given me a great price for my yearly Premium membership. Do the prices above only apply to new members or does it lower the price also for current Premium Yearly members who were members before this great change you made on November 2.

As you know, and I am thankful for the $299.00 a year to be a Premium member. If your new prices are for earlier members , then I will upgrade to Premium Plus for $320 yearly.

I hope what I said is clear and look forward to your response.

Thank you very much!


Premium Plus is $697 now. So you go in at the Black Friday rates, which is even better. There will be a Black Friday offer coming up where you can get Premium Plus+ for $499, so stay tuned for that Bob as it will be coming in a few short weeks.

The $320 was referring to the commission that you earn on a P+ yearly membership at normal prices. If you refer someone to WA through your affiliate link and they end up joining as a P+ yearly member, you earn $320 in commissions.

Hello Kyle,
Sorry, I misunderstood what I was reading. I am very glad to stay where I am at until I can afford Premium Plus.

Thanks for clearing it up for me.


Sure, no problem Bob and we do have a Black Friday discount coming on November 25th, something that you may be very interested in. Stay tuned for that.

I love all the improvements and you're right - I gave up on PPC ads for WA because I couldn't expect enough of an initial commission to warrant the spending on the ads (at least with my low budget and limited PPC expertise).

But I have to ask - why is the first month commission lower than the monthly commission? I can't see a reason for that, and it also makes things a little confusing to write posts describing the affiliate program. It would be simpler to just make it the same every month...just my two cents. :)


Yeah, it is tough to earn revenue on the $8 instead you can potentially earn $320 on the first sale, 40x the advertising budget to accomplish this. :)

The first month commission is lower because of the domain costs, as we are giving away a free domain for Premium, and two free domains for P+. We eat up most of those costs however, so it is almost equivalent to the normal monthly payment.

I hope this clarifies for you.

Thanks so much Kyle. Yes, that makes perfect sense. You should totally offset the domain cost with the first purchase; I'm sorry I questioned it. Thanks for replying. :) I'm excited about restarting PPC ads!

No problem Debra, and if you ever need a hand with your ppc campaigns I will be more than happy to help you out Debra. Just let me know! :)

Sounds awesome Kyle! I think this will help clear up a lot of confusion for those just starting out and be much easier to explain for those promoting it.

One question I have is if someone that joins doesn't take up the offer in 7 days, but decides they want to join either Premium or Premium Plus after the time limit? Will they be offered a free siterubix domain to start out on as before and eventually switch to a domain they own or will they have to purchase a domain before they can start building their website?

Hope I'm making sense, lol. I might have missed something somewhere along the lines...just wanted a bit more clarification on what happens if someone misses the deadline on joining. Thanks again Kyle, Carson and the WA support team!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry

Yes, they can use the free .siterubix domain still and we may offer extensions on the "free domain" offer. So ideally they join in the first 7 days if they want an offer, but there will be likely be extensions and additional offers in the future for those that don't upgrade within the initial 7-day cycle.

Sounds awesome! Thanks for the clarification on this Kyle!

That's great for newbies Kyle. Is there anything in the pipeline for folk who have been with the organization for a while? Loyalty bonus etc? Not many companies seem to ever do that online or offline, but retention is the backbone of any business. Just a thought. Some WA merch would always be a nice touch for members who have stuck with the program for a number of years.

We have a Black Friday discount every year for those that commit to a yearly purchase (so stay tuned for that)...and we send merch to some of our top ambassadors every year.

Also, we have our Las Vegas incentive program that anyone can take part in if they achieve the sales goals, which will be more viable than ever with these updates!

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