Most People Don't Know How to Be Creative (This is How)


Hey Everyone,

Today, I want to talk about creativity, how to create creativity, and how that looks in your business. One thing that will create a dead end for any creative element in your life or business is doing the exact same thing over and over (some would say that is the definition of insanity).

If you're doing something that is completely mundane, where you're not learning anything new on a daily basis, that will totally stifle creativity.

Key Strategies for Spurring Creativity:

(1) Break the Routine: Repeating the same tasks daily without variation can kill creativity. To foster creativity, it's essential to break the routine and introduce new elements into your day.

(2) Continuous Learning: Absorbing information from various sources—whether relevant to your niche or completely random—enhances your creativity. By expanding your knowledge and skill sets, you can harness new ideas and have creative moments more frequently.

(3) Self-Education: Regular reading and self-education are crucial. Read about different subjects, including those related to your niche and business. This practice will help you connect ideas and generate creative solutions.

(4) External Inspiration: Creativity often comes from external influences. Engage with new information, explore different perspectives, and stay curious. This approach will help you inject creativity into your business and life.

I encourage you to implement these strategies today, I know it is going to really benefit you, and your business. I’d love to hear your feedback on the idea of creativity and how you generate it in your day-to-day life.

Drop your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s get the conversation rolling...

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Hi Kyle,
Yes, the entrepreneur mindset thrives on diversity, in my experience. That's precisely what the Internet is all about—teeming with ideas, offers, and multiple answers to everyone's questions. It's like a learning melting pot someone is constantly stirring. I love it for that reason.

So, we business owners have to match it if we want to keep up! Change is the basic element of creativity—changes in perspective and form from moment to moment. It's just like the weather with climate change—unpredictable and ever-changing.

The Digital Revolution is well underway, and AI is leading. I enjoy learning from my AI personal assistant at many moments each day. Everything I want to know is at my fingertips now, so I'm eager to learn it all. Gone are the days when we had to wait weeks to get library research resources, etc. Everything we need is available 24/7 now! This infinite resource can make us even more creative and enhance our ideas/content.

But as always, there's a spiritual element here. If we use the power of our minds to create each of our days as we want them to be, then the unique flow will never be blocked. Visualise your day before it starts and feel the exhilaration of creating such wonderful artefacts and assets just waiting for you. We have everything to be grateful for in this miraculous digital life. So, I, for one, have intensified my sense of awe and joy at all the daily miracles we can perform!

Human creativity is remarkable. It sets us apart from all other species.

Wonderful topic Kyle!
Thank you!🌺

Hi, Lindi! Really good comment here and inspirational. Thank you!

Thank you Linda. Good to be in contact.

Blessings and Success. 🌺

Sometimes, I wonder if I am too creative! I have so many ideas in my head that it can be hard to corral them.

Some weeks are worse than others. Some days, I can jump into business work, and other days, I have to do my outside work.

Summer is worse because I have my garden to tend. Luckily, my surgery has allowed me to still garden. (I planted tomatoes and beans again. I need more raised containers for the other things I want to plant.)

So, having these opposing things to do can interrupt my work, lol.

Thanks again, Kyle, for your training. I'll keep on keeping on!


Hi Teri,
I know what you mean about having too many ideas! I'm the same. But I just write them down and pass them to the monkey until I can integrate them! I have a series of notebooks for different aspects of what I'm currently creating.

It's great to hear you're a fellow gardener—it's so relaxing to move inside and outside, I find! What a great rhythm! From the sound of it, however, you seem too stressed. You may be overtired, I guess.

Your situation reminds me, ' I am the ruler of my mind.' You can choose what you do in each of your decisions! My rule of thumb is to never do anything unless I do it wholeheartedly of my free will.

Your gardening will complement your office work if you let it!

I would love to know what you think about my ideas.

Blessings and Peace. 🌺

Hi, Linden!

I'm afraid my garden work tends to keep me from working online. The reason may seem trite, but I have to get in my pool to drench myself so I can mow and garden, trying to beat the heat.

I have longish hair so it's wet, which means I need to either somehow corral it in a towel to dry or take a bath to wash it. If I bathe, I tend to get wiped out. Then I have to cook... sometimes.

I work in my bed with laptop on lap, so if I lean back, I wet my pillow if my hair isn't dry enough, even using a towel on the pillow and hair.

I love to do the outside work so much, that I also do too much trying to get it all done. I'm trying to create permaculture type gardening in my pastures on our 5 acres. I mow around places, meaning I'm leaning over to watch what I need to not mow. By the time I'm done, I have to do it over again, lol!

I'm the one who loves to mow, but I do get my son to mow what I don't.



Sometimes I feel like I'm just a sponge and just learning all of these ideas wondering when the heck will I use it... but as I start to implement one thing, an idea pops up from something else that I learned that complements or speeds up the process. Thanks for the validation that its ok :)

Yes, for sure. hat is exactly the case, things we learn that are seemingly irrelevant will complement our business in many different ways. Sometimes you will be able to pull from MANY seemingly unrelated ideas at once, coming up with some really neat and creative ideas.

Yes Kyle, you're exactly right. I never really thought of it in exactly the way you said it in the video but as I look back at my pattern(s) etc., I can see I do get in ruts.

For some of us, although I can only speak for myself, we struggle with balance.

Routine is something I need in my life or I'm simply flying by the seat of my pants, getting nowhere very quickly.

However, as you've pointed out, what I call routine can become a rut.

A good compromise for me is to have a plan but be flexible with my plan. You'd think by this stage of my life, I'd have that figured out, but...

In any case, balance for someone like me is an invisible line I cross when going from one extreme to the other.

I'll leave it at that.

Thanks for the motivation.


Yeah, routine is critical. But what if learning something new was part of your daily routine? Maybe one thing a day about your marketing strategies, one thing about your niche, and one thing about something random.

If you do this, over the course of a year alone you would be learning 1,000 new things, and things that you can pull from to incubate creativity, and naturally your skill sets would be more refined and advanced! :)

Powerful Words Kyle!
Two year ago I had no idea about much ....but I knew I wanted to be online.
Sadly I got distracted but all the time I was scanning and searching and digging until the idea hit me of the direction I wanted to go.

Now I have started again and this time I have direction and the ideas just don't stop!

I see so much of what's possible yet the I still have to get through the learning curve. It's almost never ending or at least it might be.

Thing is, with renewed vigor I'm stretching forward day by day with lots of creativity. Even the AI has help me to perceive writing skills and structure and given me things to look forward to. I'm really enjoying the platform and where it's taking me along with your own comments and those of others.

Thanks so much for the opportunity

Yes, keep the direction...and don't stop. You are capable of achieving any level of success you want within the online world and it is just going to come down to focus, and working to advance your knowledge and skills with each and every day.

Think of your becoming the absolute authority in your niche and the most referred to resource on the planet. Work towards that, even if you come up short of that goal you are going to become very VERY successful and have a long term, and sustainable brand in place.

It sounds like you are getting really good handle on things and your future. ;)

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