How to Write Quicker & Scale Faster.

Last Update: August 04, 2022

Today I want to talk about content, in particular, how to accelerate your content. Just a few days ago I ran a class on accelerating content (available to all Premium members) and within it, I discussed a strategy and structured game plan you could layout to publish a blog post each and every day on your website.

That was met with excitement on one hand, and a sense of overwhelm on the other. The most common fear was the "what if I can't write 7 blog post per week".

First off, don't panic. If you can truly only publish an article per week, you are going to be completely fine. You can still rank publishing content at this frequency, and some top blogs out there post only ONE article per week.

However, the more QUALITY content that you can publish to your website, the more chances you will have to get indexed and ranked in Google. These rankings, then translate into traffic and subsequently into opportunity.

More content doesn't always equate to better results. More content with a website that Google deems as an authority, leads to better results. So your first focus should be establishing a relationship with Google, with quality content, quality design, a focus on the core vitals (like speed) and THEN you can consider ramping up the rate at which you are publishing content.

So the goal as you move forward, is going to be able to ramp up your "posting" frequency, while retaining the overall quality of your content and the comprehensive nature of your content.

But how do you do this if you only have a set amount of time in a day?

There are two ways, organization and speed.

I want to spend a moment to discuss both of this, because if you are able to improve your proficiency in both of these, you are going to be able to pump out more content (and create more opportunity/income).

Improving Your Writing Organization

I have my weeks when I am ultra productive, and my weeks when I don't accomplish nearly as much. When I try to reverse engineer the weeks, they don't usually look all that different. I get going at the same time in the morning, I am drinking the same amount of coffee, I spend the same amount of time at my computer, and I have the same level of work ethic.

However, there was a trend that I discovered in recent years. The weeks when I would spend Sunday evening mapping out my goals for the week, with a specific breakdowns of my daily activities, and an organized list of my longer term goals (my pull list). This has had a profound impact on my overall efficiency, not just in terms of content creation but all business related activities.

In my recent class, I provided a sample "weekly" and "monthly" writing schedule, that shows the research-to-write process laid out, with a goal of one article per day. You can check it out here.

Of course, you can adjust your goals accordingly. If your goal is 2 articles per week, lay out within your daily tasks. If you want to write 14 articles per week, then the same goes for that.

3 Strategies for Improving Your Writing Speed

There are a few ways to improve your writing speed, and I have already covered the "preparation" component which will lead to more focused and organized writing. But what if you want to improve the actual speed in which you can create content.

There are 3 ways that you can improve the speed of your content production.

(1) Write Faster (Typing). If you struggle with typing and you cannot pump out 40-50 words per minute, then you might want to take advantage of some free "typing" programs out there. These can help you improve your speed, and avoid being "hunt and peck" typist.

One of the best platforms for typing practice is, and you can leverage this even if you are an intermediate typist and want to move to 80+ words per minute.

(2) Dictate (Speech to Text). If you can’t type, either get better at it (by practicing) or find alternatives to typing. Dictation is something that we can all do, and the average time you can write when you dictate is over 150 wpm. If you can’t type that fast, perhaps dictation is your solution (and then simply focus on editing your content after the fast.

All devices have built in dictation, including all mobile devices and if you are using a laptop or computer, you can leverage those. If you are looking for the dictation on your computer, here are some good resources:

(3) Outsource (Hire Help). You can scale up your writing by finding a good writer. You don’t need 10 writers, you need one and you need one that will be consistent with you.

Some of the best freelancing platforms for acquiring content writers or gigs, are as follows:

Find out what works, systemically break down the process, and then source it out. I recommend keeping the marketing components of outsourcing in your hands, so avoid trying to piece that work off in particular in the early stages of your business.

Another thing that I recommend is that you schedule your focused writing activities to your PRIME hours. Anyone can do research when they are not all that focused, but it is incredibly hard to write great content when you are not focused. My best time of the day is around 10am in the morning, or in the evenings so this is typically when I focus on my power writing. So find your "ideal" writing hours of the day, and aim to utilize those for your focused content creation.

Those are three ways you can "scale up" your content to produce more, and the same amount of time. If you can produce more, in the same amount of allotted hours, your business will work at scale...meaning you will create more opportunity and revenue, without having to make time sacrifices in your day. 

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JHawumba Premium
Thank you so much for this additional information. One of the problems that has affected my writing so much is unreliable internet service in this part of the world. You subscribe, you pay for the service, and then get frustrated with the on and off connectivity.
This has affected my research for content leave alone working speed. So I am trying to catch up, despite these obstacles.
Otherwise, I appreciate and enjoy the training. Thank you once again.
PMcgrath Premium
Thanks, Kyle yes I find that article really good, With my site on WordPress I was doing 7 to 10 a week, but also I was at home for a while with my hip problem so that helped, is now I average 3 to 4 on my site Way Of Life. with now into the swing with 2 to 3 on my WA site as well...

Thanks, Kyle for some tips going forward.

EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hi Kyle,

I liked the Sunday night planning for the whole week session. Once we put the tasks into our calendar checking them off when completed gives a great sense of satisfaction.

Another key point I feel is critical is being consistent. No matter if we write one post a week or 14.

I’ve not tried the dictation approach yet. I’ll have to experiment with that to see how it can work for me.

Thanks for writing this post.

Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, and that is not rigid. Some people start their week on Tuesday, or Sunday is their first day of their working week. So whatever fits your schedule, but naturally most people really hunker down and focus on Monday so if you can set aside some time Sunday night to sort out your schedule for the week you will hit the ground running come Monday morning.

And I encourage you to at least try dictation, you don't have to use it but I just want folks to be aware of their speed they can accomplish with dictation.
richardgb Premium
Hi Kyle...
You say: "... your first focus should be establishing a relationship with Google, with quality content, quality design, a focus on the core vitals (like speed) and THEN you can consider ramping up the rate at which you are publishing content."

I completely agree with this... I think many beginners confuse this with "pretty-fying" a site. Of course, making the site more "attractive" to Google might lead to a better look, but there is a distinction to emphasise between making a site look good and making a site as usable as possible. Usability is the priority.
Elke63 Premium
I really enjoyed the article and have activated the Dictation function on my MacBook Air will use it shortly.

I have one Question?

I have 136 Articles for How To make money online and have gone back to updated each one of them since when I looked at the Articles they where not that good.

I am at the 5th page already is it a good Idea to do that?

I have another website healthy and fitness I am thinking of doing the same thing updating each article to make it better.

Once I updated the Articles I run them through the Google Search Console to get them indexed again.

Just need some Idea if I am doing the right thing?

Thanks for Your Help

TheAbie Premium Plus
You can edit all except changing the URL's, if the URL changes to Google it would be a new post, any ranking that has been done would be lost.

Usually up to one year, posts are okay. However no harm updating and optimizing. In addition to also adding new content.

I hope this helps.