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Here we are, well into 2020 and undoubtedly this has been one of the craziest and most unpredictable years for all of us. I just want to start this off by acknowledging the pandemic world we are living in, and I hope that everyone is staying safe. Times WILL get better, and as we move into 2021 there is an extremely bright light at the end of the tunnel, in particular for Internet Entrepreneurs and the community here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Today I wanted to give you a heads up about our annual Black Friday offer & event. It is one of the most anticipated events here at WA every year, and this year is no different. We are just a few days away from our BIGGEST and most exciting event of the year.

I think I can speak for most affiliate marketers when I say that we all embrace Black Friday every year because it is a time when you will typically see a BIG boost in your sales, and is always a good time to find lots of great deals and discounts online.

With the pandemic has come a shift in habits. More people than ever are moving a larger percentage of their spending online, working online, and generally speaking spending more time online. This benefits all of us as affiliate marketers and online business owners. More people online, spending more money online is a GOOD thing.

I imagine the Black Friday weekend of 2020 is going to once again shatter online spending records (as has been the case every year since the inception of the Internet). We are certainly anticipating our most exciting weekend of the year.

The Upcoming Black Friday Offer Details.

This year's Black Friday event at Wealthy Affiliate is running Friday, November 27th, 2020 - Monday November 30th, 2020 at MIDNIGHT.

As we do every year, we are going to be running an AMAZING discount offer on our yearly memberships at WA for those that want to take part in this offer.

This year is a bit different. Like other year's you are going to be able to get a Premium membership at a big discount. This year however, we have another option available as well. We are also going to be offering a steep discount on our Premium Plus+ bundle, our newly introduced membership option that was released in early November.

We are on a mission to keep your costs of running a business the lowest in the industry, while maintaining our lead in the industry and offering the MOST comprehensive, technically advanced, and well support affiliate/internet marketing platform online.

There are going to be two offers this year.

Premium Yearly Offer ($395 per year)

We are offering our biggest discount ever on our Premium membership, with $100 saving off of regular price. You are going to get access to EVERYTHING within the Premium membership, the training, 52+ live classes, research tools, the support, websites/hosting, content tools and ALL Premium updates in the year ahead (and we have a bunch of them planned).

The Premium offer includes the following:

  • $100 off the regular price
  • One Free .com Domain
  • $50 in Community Credits
  • 52+ Expert Classes
  • All future Premium updates

Premium Plus+ Yearly Offer ($795 per year)

The Premium Plus+ Bundle is our newest membership, released in early November. It has already gained a lot of traction, with people blown away by the offering and the overall savings they get. Well it is about to get discounted event further for the Black Friday event.

The Premium Plus+ bundle includes everything within the Premium service, plus some additional and higher level access to platforms including Jaaxy Enterprise, our highest tier of hosting, and over 200+ additional expert classes per year (I am hosting "The Art of Killer Ad Copy"Premium Plus+ Class tonight).

The Premium Plus+ offer includes:

  • $200 off regular price
  • Two free Domains
  • $100 in community credits
  • Jaaxy Enterprise ($1,188 per year value)
  • Hosting for 50 Websites ($500/mth value)
  • 200+ Additional "Premium Plus+ Only" Expert Classes (can't put a price on it)

One thing that I want to mention is that you are going be grandfathered into the price point you choose, moving forward. That is something that we always do, if you purchase your membership at a particular price point, you are going to be able to take advantage of that price point moving forward.

So if you purchase Premium yearly or Premium Plus+ yearly this coming Friday, you are going to be able to recur every year at that low price if you decide to stick around.

Plus there are a few additional, undisclosed bonuses that I will be announcing on the day of the launch!

Now onto the affiliate side of things...

The MASSIVE Affiliate Opportunity.

First off, being a member here of any membership level (Starter, Premium, Premium Plus+), means that you have full access to the affiliate program here, you have your own unique affiliate links and you are going to have access to the Black Friday promotional tools.

Within the top header, under the $ icon, you are going to be able to access to the Affiliate Tool menu. Within that you are going to see your Black Friday link. This is the link you will want to use to promote this offer, and you can promote this offer as soon as RIGHT NOW.

Your link will follow the following format:

If you send people to this page, they will see a countdown (as shown below).

People that are not logged in (guests) will be able to register in advance, and you will get full referral credit for those people. So you can start promoting this link right away!

You will want to make sure you grab your affiliate link, if you want to promote this offer to anyone. You can promote on your website, to your friends/family, on social media, on forums/groups you are part of, paid ads, etc. There are significant affiliate commissions on the line with this offer!

We have also added some banners. If you go to the following page, you are going to see "Black Friday 2020" banners within the drop down at the top of the page.

==> Get Black Friday Banners Here

You can utilize these banners on your website, on social media, and within any advertisements that you want to run.

Since we have introduced a brand new bundled package in our Premium Plus+ membership, this also means higher commissions.

Here is a breakdown of the commission structure for the 2020 Black Friday Offer:

Premium Yearly Discount ($395):
$175/year Recurring Commission
Premium Plus+ Yearly Discount ($795):
$365/year Recurring Commission

And the potential this leads to is incredible and ANY member or affiliate can monopolize on this opportunity. Here is the potential revenue that you can generate, if you actively promote this offer on your website, through social media, and to those that you feel would be interested.

  • 5 Premium Plus+ Yearly = $1,825 Recurring Commissions
  • 10 Premium Plus+ Yearly = $3,650 Recurring Commissions
  • 20 Premium Plus+ Yearly = $7,300 Recurring Commissions
  • 100 Premium Plus+ Yearly = $36,500 Recurring Commissions

As mentioned, ANYONE here can take advantage of this opportunity. Simply grab your affiliate link, and come launch day share it with anyone that you know that would be interested. This could amount to sizable revenue.

And now for some common questions we are getting this year, and have had in past years about the Black Friday offer.

Black Friday Q & A.

For clarity and in advance of the Black Friday event, I wanted to offer answers a few common questions that we have gotten in the past and that we have received leading up to this year's event.

Q. I am already yearly, can I take advantage of this offer?

A. Yes, You definitely can. Your membership will be pro-rated based on the time that you have left on your membership, regardless of which membership you choose.

Q. I am a past Black Friday member, will I be subject to a price increase this year?

A. No. Once you purchase a membership at a given price, you will have the ability to recur at that price in subsequent years. So you are not subject to a price increase, EVER!

Q. I am a Black Friday member from past years, and I want to upgrade to Premium Plus+. Can I downgrade next year back to my current Black Friday Premium price if I want, or will I be subject to a price increase?

A. As a current Black Friday Premium member, you can upgrade to Premium Plus+, and then downgrade to Premium next year and you will be grandfathered into your current Black Friday pricing. :)

Q. Can I upgrade to Premium Plus+ from Premium, and then go back to Premium at another date?

A. Yes, you can upgrade to Premium Plus+ from Premium. It will be discounted by the time left on your existing billing. You can then downgrade to a Premium membership next year.

Q. I am on a tight budget, so I need to get funds in order. How long is the promotion?

A. 4 days. The Black Friday offer runs between November 27th, 2020 (Friday), through November 30th at MIDNIGHT (Monday).

Q. I want to upgrade to a yearly membership right now, should I do that or go ahead and wait until this offer?

A. You should wait until the offer.

Q. Can I buy multiple year's at once?

A. At this point, you can only buy one year at a time. Do know that you will be grandfathered in at your price that you pay this year, in subsequent years.

Q. Is this going to be offered again?

A. We don’t know and likely not in the same format this year (and maybe not price point). We have a lot of awesome stuff coming in 2021 and with that may come some changes to the pricing. We typically have an offer once per year on Black Friday, but we cannot make any guarantees on next year's offer.

Q. Can all levels of membership take advantage of this offer?

A. Yes, Starter, Premium & Premium Plus+ members will be able to take advantage of the Black Friday offer and get all the bonuses.

Q. What happens if I just paid my monthly membership, what will my cost be?

A. If you are a Monthly Premium member, your Black Friday pricing will be pro-rated based on the time you have left on the monthly billing cycle. For example, if your recurring date is on November 25th for $49 and on the 27th if you decide to upgrade, it will be pro-rated based on that and will likely be around $395 or $795 - $46 = YOUR PRO RATED PRICE.

Q. I'm already grandfathered in at the Black Friday price form last year. Can I still get this year's Black Friday bonuses?

A. Yes, if you are a recurring Black Friday member you will also get access to the Live Class on December 17th, as well as early Beta Access. So yes, you get the bonuses!

Q. How are the bonuses delivered?

A. All bonus details will be sent to you immediately upon upgrading to the Black Friday offer. This includes the exclusive live class schedule, as well as anything that is downloadable will be available right away!

Q. Why are you guys so awesome?

A. Well.... (I made this question up LOL).

Q. Can I promote this offer and earn $$?

A. Absolutely, in fact this is our most lucrative opportunity of the year for affiliates. Each and every person here has an affiliate link that they are going to be able to utilize to actively promote this offer. You can find this directly on the Affiliate => Program Details page.

I am going to be providing more information on the Black Friday event on LAUNCH day (November 27th), but we are really excited about this year's event, and everything we have planned here within WA in 2020. It is going to be by far our best and most innovative year yet, and YOUR best year yet! Get ready for it!

And of course, if you have any questions or just want to share your excitement, leave your comments below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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Hello Kyle,

I've just noticed that the Premium Plus Membership does not seem to have a banner for it. There is only Starter and Premium in a comparison chart.

I'm not talking about Black Friday here mind...just the normal Premium Plus banner - if there is one.

If there is one, kindly point me to it.



Can we expect a Black Friday Deals this year Kyle?

I would say yes absolutely. Usually round Nov thanksgiving. However, that may change as well.

Yes, there will be Black Friday deal's this year and we are considering a mid year offer before then. Stay tuned on that! :)

Looks like Kyle is giving you a great heads up. Terrific.

Excellent. I will do

Hi Kyle - Thanks for this opportunity. I've been a yearly premium member ($495) a short time since September, and like RoseLee2020, took advantage of the Black Friday offer and was charged the full $395 (not the pro-rated fee). You might still be looking into this, but wanted you to be aware. Is there a Customer Service contact I should follow-up with (after waiting a few days)?

Talk to SiteSupport

Thanks Kyren - I submitted the ticket.

Not a problem and I hope your issue gets solved in a timely fashion.

SiteSupport is a wonderful feature that we have here at WA and they’re generally Johnny on the spot.

Hello Kyle!

I am on a yearly premium membership ($495) since last Month... And as you mentioned that we can still take advantage of the Black Friday offer and that our membership will be pro-rated based on the time we still have left....

Today I took advantage of the $395 premium membership but I was charged a full $395... not the pro-rated fee that I'm expecting... I believe I still have at least 10 months left...

Please do give me clarification on this matter.

Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!~^

Rose 💕

We are looking into this Rose, thanks for letting us know.

Thank you Kyle! I will be waiting for your kind response in this matter.


This morning I was grumbling to a relative that I had just spent over a thousand dollars (US) on dental work and I was going to need to spend more. The relative makes more than I do... when she offered to help me out, I said sure! I told her about Premium Plus coming up here on Black Friday, and she got enthusiastic for me. So hooray! I can do it, with her help!

Wow, that is wonderful. Sounds like you have some amazing friends Rosana! I really look forward to working with you in the year ahead! :)

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