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Last Update: January 25, 2022

Hey Folks,

Our goal with Wealthy Affiliate is to incubate the most knowledgeable, helpful, interactive and forward thinking community in the world of Internet Entrepreneurs. And this all starts with the COMMUNITY and the amazing folks like yourself that hang out here within WA.

The idea of this "pay it forward" mentality started very early on in the development of Wealthy Affiliate. Carson and I built Wealthy Affiliate as a platform in 2005 to help affiliate marketers. With every update, evolution, and innovation here at WA, our focus has remained on building out this platform to better serve YOU.

We have learned that if you teach someone something, or you help someone accomplish something...they tend to help others do the same. This is exactly what the Wealthy Affiliate community stands for, we are the most helpful and welcoming community on the planet.

There has been no greater privilege over the years than to see someone accomplish something they never thought was possible. Build their first website, generate their first online income, quit their job, scale their business, and achieve the 1,000's of other smaller successes that take place each and every day here within WA.

Fast forward close to 17 years now since we started Wealthy Affiliate, and we have helped millions of people within the online world. We are going to be doubling down on these efforts in the year ahead, and in a big way!

In fact, we are going to be "upping" the ante in 2022 with many awesome improvements and the first one is investing more time, energy, resources, and money into the Ambassadorship program!

This is a program that everyone here at WA is automatically enrolled in, and that you can take part in. Everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate can be an Ambassador of WA and I am hoping that YOU take some time to make an effort to become an Ambassador in 2022!

First off though, What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is someone that is an active, positive, and helpful participant of the community here at Wealthy Affiliate. They naturally engage with others. They help others. They ask questions when they need help. They in essence, are an active community member.

Ambassadors within the community are ranked within the Ambassador rank page, with the top 25 members being Ambassadors and the top 100 rankings getting exposure on the rankings page. Anyone and everyone (including yourself) can achieve these rankings).

As you get involved, you are going to see your ranking "decrease" closer to #1, this means that your ranking is going up. The closer to #1, the higher the rank. ;)

It is nothing more complex than this. More activity, more help, more engagment within your all equates to a higher rank.

We truly value each and every member here within the community and absolutely anyone “has it in them” to become an ambassador. We also understand that different people will naturally have different roles in a community of this size, and you need to do what makes the most sense to you and your situation (and time allowance).

How is Ambassador Rank Calculated?

The calculation that we base our ranking is based on a complex algorithm. This determines is based on THREE pillars within the community, helping folks, being a creator, and your overall activity. This collectively will lead to your overall ranking calculation.

You are provided with your rankings for all of these, within your stats. Here is what a sample breakdown of stats look like, these are mine.

Ambassador Ranking

These are the sorts of things that we look for when determining your WA rank:

  1. Helper - How much you help and how timely it is within the community. This is on the basis of your activity within chat, within training comments, interaction within questions that people ask, and within blog posts.

  2. Creator - Do you blog, do you create discussions, do you create training? If not, then this is something that you should consider. You can blog about things that you are learning about your online business, you can document your process within your blog, you can share findings, and you can discuss various topics related to your business. When you are an active Premium/Premium Plus+ member for 3 months, you can start to create training as well within the community.

  3. Activity - How active are you within the community? Do you leave comments, do you interact with new members, do you take part in live chat? How often do you jump into WA daily? Are you actively moving through the training? Are you taking part in classes? These are things taken into consideration with your activity, it is a collection of your overall activity ranking.

  4. Overall Member Rank - Based on a combination of the above, your overall member rank is assigned. As time goes on and as you are active in the THREE pillars, you are going to see your rankings go up.

You will be able to find your rank simply by going to the dashboard, and scrolling down or you can click on the "Rank" within the top left profile widget on the dashboard (as shown below).

Dashboard Rank

You will notice that the top 25 folks within the community are the highest level of Ambassadors, but this is the current top 25 and by no means does it mean that there are not several other ambassadors within the system. If you click "load more", you can see the top 200 members by rank within the platform.

You will also notice that your rank will fluctuate quite regularly and the more active you are contributing to WA, the better your ranking will get.

When you reach Top 200 status, you are going to be get a "badge" on your profile, and when you reach Ambassador status (top 25), you will get a badge reflecting that. This will serve as status within the community.

How Can You Contribute?

There are many ways that absolutely anyone can contribute. This does not mean just helping others, you are actually contributing to the greater good of the community when you ask for help and when you engage with others within the 1,000’s of active discussions taking place.

Everything you do within Wealthy Affiliate is going to serve as a contribution to your Ambassador rank and the more often you do it and the more "thoughtful" you are with your interactions, the more you are going to see your rank climb.

  • How often are you the first to respond to a question?
  • How quickly do you get back to others that are asking you question or a PM?
  • Are you asking for help?
  • Are you creating discussions?
  • Are you creating blog posts?
  • Are you posting about success?
  • Are you active in live chat?
  • Do you have any ideas for training that you think can fill a void and help the community out? (Must be a Premium member for 3 months before you can create training)
  • Do you get back to people that connect with you?
  • Are you welcoming new members?
  • Are your activities leading to other people wanting to follow you?
  • Are you actively promoting WA?

All of these are factors that will contribute towards your overall activity, and your Ambassador ranking within the community.

Some of the Quickest Ways to Boost Rank

There are some ways you can boost your rank within the system, and this all relate to your involvement and your activity within the community.

Some ideas that you can leverage to boost your rankings are:

(1) Go through unanswered posts and offer a hand
(2) Welcome new folks to the community
(3) Help people with questions in Live Chat
(4) Ask for help when you need it (the answers will help the entire community)
(5) Be responsive to any "notifications" that you are involved in

Another side effect of rank is promoting WA. We do take affiliate activity into consideration when determining rank, although you do not have to be an affiliate to be an ambassador. What better option than to be an ambassador of WA and earn a full time income promoting WA?

Some New Incentives, Coming Your Way...

Your contributions are not going to go unnoticed. Throughout the year we are going to be taking a look at the rankings and those that are contributing at the highest rates and offering the most active help and value to the community.

If you are truly a helper and you care about others...and care about the community here at WA, we are going to notice you and we are going to show our appreciation.

This year we are going to be sending out some "swag" packages to certain ambassadors that are active here within the community, helping others, and working hard to help keep the WA community the awesome place it has been for almost 17 years now.

We have set aside a BUDGET for the Ambassador program and throughout the year will be contacting those that we feel have Ambassador qualities and those that “retain” high rankings within the community.

So this leaves one final question...

Are YOU going to become an Ambassador within WA in 2022? Interact, engage, network, help others, ask for help, grow your business, and be active within the community and you will be well on your way.

If you have any comments or questions about the ambassadorship program, please leave your comments below and I will be happy to get back to you!

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TonyKent Premium Plus
I like the way you gently lay out the possibilities by showing people not just what they can do but how to do it. For vision to be a reality you have to start with the vision and you make it very clear how to have a vision and then what to do. When I joined I didn't really know what to expect but I really like that you set this up so people can earn while they learn.Great job!!!
thelonius019 Premium
Hi everybody I,m a retired city worker with a lot of time on my hands. Resendly i decovered WA . Soon after joining and building my first website my site was indexed I am pumped. And glad to be here. thanks much WA. Peace and Happiness to all at WA.
Kav Premium
Welcome to WA and welldone.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, nice work Ralph. You are making some good progress already!

Wonderful to have folks like yourself here as part of the family! :)
Matt44000 Premium Plus
great! keep going!
TonyKent Premium Plus
Great way to set an example of what is possible for others.
Liber1400 Premium Plus
I love this idea, as I enjoy the site and the people here. This gives me plenty of incentive to be more active and consciously lookout for opportunities to meet, greet, help, and ask for help while I'm logged in. The interaction here also makes for a better, more fun time for everyone involved.
Kyle Premium Plus
Absolutely Crystal! We are a community of like minded folks (and really awesome people), so it is easy to just immerse yourself, without feeling pressure to do so. It's fun, and you are going to learn lots from fellow aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.
delroy2222 Premium
Very well said, Crystal.
MiaL Premium Plus
Great idea Kyle! Whilst ranking doesn't interest me there are many folks who put in so much effort to help others. Many don't blog but I see them answer questions thoughtfully and with expertise, and every now and then will back that up with training to support. And not training for the sake of training, but because they have seen a need and are addressing it. I always admire those people because they genuinely help people and make this community great, especially for those newer folks who are still getting their heads around it all.

I'm keen to see how this plays out!

On another note, I know the Vegas trip is coming up and I love reading the posts / updates about Vegas. I can't wait to see what this year brings for all those who have put so much work in to achieve their awesome results.

Also, the expert training is just great. I'm loving these classes and getting so much value. This is an excellent addition to the WA offering and I'm so glad I went Premium Plus. All the trainers you've chosen are just fantastic - you've chosen them well!!

Thanks again to you and the team.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Melissa, thanks for your feedback on many fronts! There are many folks that contribute to the community in many different ways, and that is what is so fun about a big social platform like this.

People ask for help, people get help, and people help others, and we all learn and grow together. ;)

And yes, Vegas is coming up very soon. It has been a strange couple of years with covid and we are making it happen this year despite the craziness of what is going on! The show must go on, and we are going to be discussing a lot of awesome stuff that is going on behind the scenes and will be rolled out in the year ahead. :)

PS. Glad you are enjoying the Expert Classes, tons of awesome topics in the upcoming months and the first half of 2022 schedule is pretty much in place.
Isaiah14 Premium
Hi Kyle,

First - I appreciate this platform that you've created here to provide us with the training, content and tools for us to be successful in our online businesses.

One particular theme that I have noticed in this interaction is that you're going to be "Selective" in determining who gets rewarded. Because it's clear, from everyone's feedback, that the algorithms alone can't determine everything, such as who's sincerely here to learn and help as opposed to others gaming the system.

How about giving some of this selective power to the members here in WA?

For example, let's say I ask a question about a word press feature, and several people answer it. There's going to be a lot of likes, especially on the comment that's the most popular comment, or the comment that was posted first.

But what if the author had the ability to read through and determine which comments/answers they consider to be the most helpful and 'rewarded' that individual's comment, in some way? This would be a way of being 'selective' because the author can clearly see which answers were sincere, thought out and helpful and which ones were just a simple comment.

And this wouldn't be done out in the open, on the post where everyone can see - because others may get offended. But what if there was some special feature that would allow the author to invoke a 'reward' or ' point' to the best answer?

Perhaps, this can be done behind the scenes and that person who commented would get rewarded in their ranking. This would also, in a way, encourage people to sincerely give good, quality answers to a question, rather than a half-hearted, three-word comment, just to 'game the system'. Perhaps something similar can be done with the Live Chat, for those answers we find the most helpful.

Now I'm not sure how to handle specific blogs, because these are different in nature. Some blogs are business related, some are motivational, some are success posts (i.e., your first commission, first referral, indexed by Google).

What are your thoughts on this?
Kyle Premium Plus
Of course, the algorithms are not perfect and that is not our intention.

Our intention is to help assign some level of rank within the community, as we are not going to invest all of our efforts into a ranking algorithm when we can focus thins like the tools, platform, technology and training as our immediate focus.

It is pretty polished in saying this, and a lot of thought and a lot of updates have taken place (and will continue). But it is not perfect of course, and being very active here all day every day, I can see what sort of authentic contributors there are here and who is offering help, whilst working on their business.

That is key though, we WANT people to focus on their businesses and of course communicating, asking for help, and offering others help will lead to rank naturally.

Thanks for your feedback and personal thoughts on this Isaiah, we appreciate it. :)