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Hi Folks,I am hoping that my internet connection will last long enough so that I can let you know what's happening in my prehistoric part of the world Down Under.Unfortunately I haven't been able to get on the internet long enough to do anything here at WA due to our internet connection becoming worse and worse because of where I the sticks! It was not good before, but now it is almost non-existent.The situation is highly frustrating, as apart from my trying to study here, I am also t
Hello All,My apologies for being absent from WA for quite some time. I have a lot of “stuff” going down at the moment, all family related, and as I have always done, I have to prioritize which means creating another life for myself beyond kids and family has to come a slow second.I just wanted to briefly pop in and let you know why I have not been here for a while, in case you wondered. I am currently recovering from a bad month long flu and am still not 100% but have to get myself well enou
Hi Folks!I don't know how long I can stay on here for as my internet is continually dropping out, but I wanted to share something that came in my emails this morning. If I can't get back straight away to reply to your messages, you'll know why. Rest assured I will answer as soon as I can get back on again :)I am subscribed to a really nice lady internet marketer in the UK's list, her name is Sarah Starr. She often shares really helpful information regarding things that she has found helpful with