10 Weeks In!

Last Update: July 05, 2016

I can't believe I have only been here 10 week and I have to say I am loving it! Life got extremely busy and I let my website slide to where it was very unhealthy well I am proud to say that as of today my website has been listed as "Awesome" for its health! It was hard work turning it around but I enjoyed the challenge and it proves you can never give up. I cannot believe how much I have done in 10 weeks! I am even able to give advice onto people about websites. A subject I knew nothing about before WA. I even now how IT conversations with my father (IT Guy sing the 80's) who is shocked at some of the knowledge I come out with. I would love to thank WA for giving me a passion which I would never have tried otherwise. I came to WA to make a income but instead I found an amazing hobby in which I just love to write and teach people. I am not going to lie I am excited to make my first $ but I don't feel money is the issue now. I was hoping my website would pay for my WA subscription but now I will sell my husband on the street corner if it means keeping my subscription going HAHAHA!

Have a wonderful day, Thanks for listening/ reading. I'm just so excited to get started on the level 4 training!

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rjkennedy Premium
Congrats to you Kathryn on accomplishing so much and discovering new things in your 10 weeks
MPollock Premium
Nice, Keep up the good work
theresroth Premium
Sounds marvellous, Kathryn, you've found your passion!