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Last Update: June 25, 2015

I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in March 2014, I tried it once but ran away from it because of the amount of overwhleming contet, This is what I thought back then.

After that I used to get e-mails regarding the new blogs and updates which i used to delete,I never unsubscribed from WA because something from inside was telling me not to do so.

Last week, When I received an e- mail from Wealthy Affiliate, I said to myself let me take a look at it and if it is not worth my time let me unsubscribe from WA, but I was amazed to see the quality of the training available for starter membership, and I upgraded to Premium soon after.

Wealthy Affiliate is my first online venture where I got involved to learn something without any initial motive to earn from it.

I Shared it casually with a friend named Tom, and he is also amazed to see the information available here, and will be upgrading soon.

I am having a great experience so far.

All my friends who read it till now, do me a favor by providing feedback at my website , its still new but I would love to know your views and improvements to make.

Your Friend,


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CShepherd Premium
Hi Kunal. Glad to see you here! I think a lot of us think twice when we see what we've gotten into. But as you probably know by now there's always someone waiting to help. You can find anything you need to know here somewhere. So keep up the good work with your website. It looks good. I wish you success.
Hippychick Premium
Hi Kunal. This is a great post. It's a great story and one which many people will relate to, including myself !
I really like your website too. It's very simple and professional looking. It's easy on the eye to read and you sound very sincere. There's no B.S on there lol. Well done. I think you have a great future here :)
kunalbhadana Premium
Thank you :) Appreciate your feedback, let me know if I can help you in any way :)
kino009 Premium
you made the right decision my friend, sometimes it takes a little time to see the worth of something. I'm glad you came back and i'll check out your website and let you know what i think.
roamy Premium Plus
welcome back,hope this time you are here to stay and enjoy learning how to make money online