How long does it take to make fulltime income online?

Last Update: January 15, 2018

Have you ever thought of knowing the feeling of making money online? Imagine having the freedom to go where ever you when ever you want. Knowing that you have your online business running and making money for you? Who doesn't want that ? We all need that I guess.

Our hope when wanting to make money online

I am sure were have all come across people making sells of millions in one night. Or people promising the path to making easy money in less than 24hrs. Yes this is why we joined Wealthy affiliate..

I joined wealthy affiliate in 2015

To this day I remember why I joined wealthy affiliate. I don't know what your reason was but for me I was scammed many times by these fake online marketers.

What I though Wealthy Affiliate would do

Seeing a lot of success stories of people making money online. I joined wealthy affiliate with one goal in mind making money online and making it fast. Wealthy Affiliate didnt show me to make money online fast as I expected.

What wealthy affiliate did

Wealthy affiliate is packed with training that separate the serious people and the desperate people. I was desperate to make money online I didnt even have time to go through the WA training.Each time I would move away from WA training I would get scammed hahaha

Truth be told you make money by offering value and solutions to a problem be it online or offline.These are the steps to make money online . 1 pick interest , 2. Create the buying environment , 3 Create the product 4. drive traffic 5. Repeat step 4

If you learn to do this you will realize that there is so many ways to earn a living online.

Wealthy affiliate is not easy to follow through

Yes I mean it.Its not easy. think of it going through the wordpress training, getting stuck and so on. I dnt know maybe it was easy for you. For me it wasn't.... But do you want to know why making money online is so easy for me ?

The answer is simple

You do whats hard so that life becomes easy

I completed the WA training is less than 4 months. though what I was learning wasn't making sense at that time. If you ask me was it easy no it wasn't but it was worth it..

I see many people want to make money online fast. See it takes a skill and experience to make money online. If you remain focused ... If you are still finding WA training to be difficult then you were never ready to make money online.

You will be able to quit your day job, have the time freedom you want.

Making money online is all about creating a business that you own, a business that you can sell when you no longer want to work on it , A business that lasts long (for generations)

In conclusion always remember the expert was once a beginner...

All the best

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HowardS1 Premium
Great encouragement for me av just started just completed no 1 many thanks howard.
sminman7 Premium
Great post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouragement!
Michael Inman
TimMoto Premium
Well said about the expert being a beginner at the start. You'll get there as you seem very persistent. All the best.
AllanSiegel Premium
I've been with WA for over 3 years now, and it has been an interesting journey. I haven't always spent the time fully focused on the training, and have gotten a little (a lot at times) off track.

Making money is one of my goals , but my main focus now is building my site so that it attracts more visitors. It's all a learning process, and I am thankful to have the support and training as a foundation and guideline.
kudaonline Premium
Well said it is a learning process ... and needs a bit of patience
SkullDiggers Premium
Yep I find some things difficult but I keep going because it is now my obsession. I am determined at accomplish this. I am finding it easier as time goes by
kudaonline Premium
Yes that is correct ... ANd eventually we will get there