Progress thus far!

Last Update: July 17, 2014

Hello WA family members. It's that time again. Handing in my progress report....:)

My website is coming along great, although the writing part has caused me to get stuck a few times. But its all worth it. When you are writing about something from the heart and true, it can take a while because you want to do it right.

For me it is because I have never written before and sometimes it takes time when I have to write it down...besides there is only so much you can write about exercising and losing weight....LOL. I do want to change my theme but I want to finish the training first. It is so much fun to learn, especially something you enjoy! But I can multitask right?

When i first started out here I wanted to make money. Now I want to help people then make money. I have always wanted to help people, but making money to support myself was a priority. Now I can do both with the help of Wealthy Affiliate! YES!!!!

It has been a wonderful ride here at WA. I have learned a great deal about building a website and internet marketing in a sort period of time, and I look forward to the continued journey ahead. I truly didn't think you could learn this much and more in such a short period of time, but I am grateful to both Kyle and Carson for putting together a wonderful family, Then the family itself! Thank you.....

The support here is like no other and it is a joy to see so many people wanting to help one another regardless of the success they have or are about to achieve... The time they(we) take is such a blessing.

Thank you all for just being you which makes this place the place it is....

To our life long success,


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ksummers Premium
Amen jsanchez1220. God has some awesome things ahead....
jsanchez1220 Premium
Sounds like you're on the right path.
RobinTheresa Premium
Ken. So glad that you are having wonderful improvements and progress. This truly is a great place to be and a lot of fun also. Keep pushing forward and congrats on getting this far. Robin.
ksummers Premium
Thank you Robin for your encouragement... Much continued success for you. I absolutely love your site on nutritional health and living a healthier life. Kind of reminds me of something...... :)
Patrick007 Premium
Kenneth, Your IT background and positive attitude will take you far. I look forward to following your progress and helping in any way I can. Have a great day, Patrick
ksummers Premium
Thank you Patrick for the support. I will take you up on your offer to assist.....

RickBell57 Premium
Actually it is a much longer ride then you or anyone ever imagines. Good thing you are so positive.:)
Probably looking at two years part time, a year full time, and maybe more if you are like me, a slow learner, and an older person.
There is tons of information in the exercise and health niche. Way competitive though. Possibly lots of work to break in and many hundreds of hours. But it can be done.
It is a little tough helping others here until you have been here and doing the same things for a while. Later on you can help though after about 6 to 12 months of learning.
I would focus on your priority of making money. When helping others here it takes so much time and effort that it severly takes away from your website time and your own learning, and making money.
Focus on YOU!

Welcome to WA.
To your Success!
ksummers Premium
Rick you are not old just wise....:) I feel a little different about the helping others though. For me at least I can help others and work on my business at the same time. I mean isn't that what we do when we try to obtain more traffic from readers....we help them read, share and stay on our site. I believe you help others you help yourself in any way possible...

Thank you for the information Rick,
RickBell57 Premium
Well not so much here. About the only help you can get from others is posted already in questions and answers. You know how to use the ask tool?
Also getting to get a comment from others also. You comment on their website and they comment on yours, a give and take.
But to spend time walking someone through the course, or building a website can take hours or days. That is what I refer to staying away from.
And I have to say this again. In even commenting about it you have taken your time away from your website progress in the program.
Helping yourself first to a position to be able to help others is the key. Not before.

Who gets the oxygen mask first in an airplane situational downward decent? You are your kid?
If you say kid you would be wrong. You take it first, so that you are conscious and aware long enough to get it to your child.
This is an example of being able to help others.
Right now you would be wasting your time in trying to help me, right? Or wrong.
When helping others with answer there maybe many answers that vary, or have multiple answers and if you say just one way, then you are actually prohibiting them from learning the correct answer. If they had asked someone else that knew, they would have found out the 6 variables and not just the one you know about. So are you helping? Not much....if any. Until you know exactly all the answers you cannot expect to be of help here to anyone as it can cause more problems then your two cents would really be worth to them. :)

Does this make any sense?
You are welcome to go out of your way and spend all day helping others here if you have what it takes to help. Now take that progress away from your own work and building your own business and revenue cause you just did do that. Make since.
By myself trying to help you understand that we each need to work as much as possible on our own program, as there are not enough hours in each day...I have lost a good hour in my own time for research and improvements to my own site.
See how this works?
If you have time you want to devote to others, make sure it is separated from your actual program time, because if you don't, you will loose track of the time you are spending with them, and get up from your desk and say, not a very productive day, was it. And wonder why it is taking you so long to start making money.
After all, I gather in your message above that is the whole point.
You in turn help people with your exercise or health site. Work on that if you want to be helpful, to your self as well as others.
No money or opportunities lie within WA that will bring you revenue. And members here aren't all that much help when it requires giving of their time because just like I said, it is very important and they know this.
Hope this gives you something to ponder.
If not we are just wasting each others time and we need to stop right now.
Pm me if you have any questions or concerns or need help. Otherwise, let us get back to our work. :)
Getting traffic as you said above does not come from here. It comes from your work on your website, and from your efforts and google. And if you are talking about helping through your website Like I believe you are...yes. that is how we help. But you have to have a site first!
ksummers Premium
Point taken Rick. Have a wonderful evening......
RickBell57 Premium
Good luck to you sir, and hope you are able to help members here as well. In fact you can start off by helping me when you have time. :)
Going on 6 months working full time without a single dime so far. That is 7 days a week. Sometimes ten hour days. Of course I didn't know affiliate marketing at the start.
I've invested over 5 thousand in (please don't tell anyone) informational ads, video, and social marketing. Use online free advertising as well. a promo site for WA.
If you know what I'm doing wrong, please let me know! Seriously!