Musical Performance and Writing

Last Update: June 30, 2016

I spent a few years as a music major in college. I've chosen a different professional path but one idea has stuck with me.

My teacher told me that each note played should be a gift to the audience. We practiced to get perfect tone and expression from every note and phrase.

As writers and bloggers our readers deserve the same. I have begun to love the short stories of some of the great writers because they can get the most out of every single word. They tell memorable and amazing stories in just a few pages. That is my goal in my offer value to my readers in beautiful concise words. Happy blogging friends!

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Tensae27 Premium
Great post! Thanks for sharing.
CathyLou Premium
That is an excellent goal :) and a lovely quote from your teacher. I will have to try put that into practice myself.

My takeaway from majoring in music was more on the 'fake it til you make it' side of things :)
KristiV Premium
I was a full time working Mom. My takeaway was that some majors were possible on four hours sleep a night...but music performance was not one of them. I'm much happier writing my heart out here at WA. :)
JudeP Premium
Lovely, thank you :)